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Megan Young Issues Apology for Hair Adjustment Incident with Miss Botswana at Miss World 2024

Megan Young, the 2013 Miss World winner, has apologized in public for her behavior during the Miss World 2024 Q&A session, where she tried to fix Lesego Chombo, the Miss Botswana,’s hair.

Taking to her Facebook page, Megan apologized profusely and stated that helping Lesego was her only goal. She did acknowledge, though, that she should have given more thought to the wider cultural ramifications of her acts, which might have created anxiety at that pivotal moment.

“Last night during the final, I fixed Lesego Chombo’s (Miss Botswana) hair on stage. I wanted to offer a helping hand but I failed to oversee the bigger picture. This could have caused distress during that moment, and I have been made aware that culturally, this is unacceptable,” she said.

Megan disclosed that she had personally apologized to Lesego for her behavior in a private conversation that took place at the hotel. She made it clear that her goals were always to offer support rather than to infringe on someone’s personal space.

“To those who witnessed the incident, I also want to apologize for any discomfort or confusion my actions may have caused. It was a thoughtless and disrespectful act, and I take full responsibility for it,” Megan said.

She went on to say, “I assure you that it was not my intention to invade personal space or make anyone feel uncomfortable. I deeply regret my actions and will strive to be more mindful and respectful in the future.”

After the pageant, a Botswanian content producer accused Megan of racism, claiming that her attempt to straighten Lesego’s hair was not an act of kindness but rather an attempt to make Lesego feel less confident and make her natural hair appear fake.

“That presenter wasn’t doing Lesego’s hair, in my opinion. “The presenter wanted to kill Lesego’s confidence and also show judges that it wasn’t her natural hair but a wig,” the content producer said, adding that there was nothing wrong with her hair.



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