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China Warns Philippines to Stop Sea Provocations

Philippines has received a warning from China to stop “infringement and provocation at sea” or face repercussions.

During his regular news conference in Beijing on June 20, 2024, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lin Jian stated, “China will firmly safeguard its lawful rights and interests. We urge the Philippines to stop infringement and provocation at sea at once. Otherwise, the Philippines shall bear the consequences.”

This warning was issued three days following a conflict at Ayungin Shoal between Chinese and Philippine boats that left Philippine Navy members injured.

According to Beijing, the Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) did not directly confront the Philippines. However, a video of Chinese servicemen using bolos, destroying equipment, and shooting tear gas was published by the armed forces.

Ren’ai Jiao, sometimes called Second Thomas Shoal or Ayungin Shoal, is a portion of China’s Nansha Qundao (Spratly Islands), according to Lin Jian, who also accused the Philippines of wrongfully accusing China.

Lin Jian claims that without China’s approval, the Philippines broke both international law and the South China Sea Declaration on the Conduct of Parties by illegally entering the waters of Ren’ai Jiao.

“This is sheer provocation and has no justification whatsoever. Moreover, this operation of the Philippines is not about ‘humanitarian resupply.’ The Philippine vessels secretly carried construction materials and even weapons and equipment, and they deliberately rammed Chinese vessels,” he added.

The Chinese spokesman further claimed that Philippine staff members escalated tensions and threatened the security of Chinese people and boats by throwing water and other things at Chinese enforcement personnel.

He emphasized that China’s measures were appropriate, reasonable, and carried out sensibly and professionally.



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