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Ahn Jung-hwan, Boom, and Kim Dae-ho Unite with “It’s Lucky to Rest Well”… First Broadcast on the 29th

The preparation of Ahn Jung-hwan, Boom, and Kim Dae-ho for “Desert Island Check-in” has been revealed with the phrase “It’s lucky to rest well.”

The new MBC entertainment program “It’s Lucky to Rest Well” (directed by Kim Myung-jin, Kim Moon-gi, Lee Joon-beom, Kim Ki-ho / written by Kwon Jung-hee, hereinafter referred to as “It’s Lucky”) will premiere on April 29th. It features “Island President” Ahn Jung-hwan inviting viewers by fixing up a deserted island mansion, creating a “0.5-star desert island check-in reality.” This show goes beyond the concept of “I catch it with my own hands” food programs to entertain viewers with Ahn Jung-hwan’s personally designed ideas.

On April 16th, a teaser and preview video for “It’s Lucky” were released. Through the video, viewers get a glimpse of the mysterious nature of the “0.5-star desert island,” which had been kept secret until now, capturing viewers’ attention.

The teaser starts with Ahn Jung-hwan, Boom, and Kim Dae-ho saying, “We invite you to a 0.5-star desert island,” with inviting smiles, hinting at a 5-star service on the 0.5-star island. They introduce the romantic services of the desert island, where you have to check-in by boat.

They offer a “5-star Chef’s Desert Island Course” made from ingredients straight from the sea, attracting attention with the point that viewers can join for a “special price of 0 won.” However, they quickly mention the fatal flaw of “no water, no electricity,” to which Ahn Jung-hwan reassures everyone by saying, “I’ll take care of everything. Don’t worry,” promising to fully utilize his four years of desert island expertise. The special “0.5-star desert island check-in” with no water, electricity, or accommodation fees is available for application on the “It’s Lucky” official website.

In the first preview, “CEO Ahn” Ahn Jung-hwan’s transformation of the desert island is shown. With the determination to invite viewers to the island, Ahn Jung-hwan ventures alone into a deserted island where people have long abandoned. Against the backdrop of the desolate island, he confidently declares, “I will share the happiness of the desert island,” making viewers realize that the “0.5-star desert island check-in” is a project that only Ahn Jung-hwan can pull off.

As he looks at the abandoned mansion and remarks, “If only I do the repairs well, it would be amazing,” he successfully transforms the building, enjoying the view and promising the best service to viewers. Hotel employee Boom, Kim Dae-ho, and chef Lee Yeon-bok, who will present a 5-star course meal, appear one after another. Finally, the four are seen gathering ingredients for cooking, raising viewers’ curiosity about what food they will serve on the first day of the “0.5-star desert island check-in.”

Ahn Jung-hwan’s dream of a “0.5-star desert island” is ready to open. How did he transform the barren desert island? How will viewers who checked into the island dreaming of tranquility in nature react to Ahn Jung-hwan and his staff’s service? All of this can be seen on MBC’s “It’s Lucky,” airing its first episode on Monday, April 29th at 9 p.m.

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | Photo courtesy of MBC ‘It’s Lucky to Rest Well’
Source: iMBC



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