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Lee Mu-jin Confesses to Being an Enthusiastic Drinker: “It’s Hard When I Have Many Schedules” (Jeong Hee)

Singer Lee Mu-jin has confessed to being an enthusiastic drinker.

On the 11th (Thursday), singer Lee Mu-jin appeared on MBC FM4U’s ‘Noon Hope Song Kim Shin-young’ show.

That day, DJ Kim Shin-young introduced the guest, singer-songwriter Lee Mu-jin, saying, “We are with someone who has everything, including practicing singing for 10 hours a day.”

Kim Shin-young mentioned, “I’m enjoying listening to the new song ‘Couldn’t Find a Reason Not to Propose,’” and Lee Mu-jin responded with gratitude.

During a conversation about alcohol, Kim Shin-young asked, “Do you have any remedies for hangovers?” Lee Mu-jin shared a hangover remedy, saying, “First, you need to move your body. Relaxing your muscles clears your mind. If you feel groggy, take a walk. Drink fresh-made pear juice to quench your thirst after showering to freshen up.”

To this, Kim Shin-young added, “When I get a headache now in my 20s, I take medicine right away. Headaches are due to stress, so you should take medication.”

Kim Shin-young then asked Lee Mu-jin, “Do you drink a lot of alcohol, or do you drink moderately?” Lee Mu-jin replied, “I enjoy drinking. That’s why it’s tough when I have many schedules.” Kim Shin-young chuckled, saying, “You’re an enthusiast.”

When asked about his favorite alcohol, Lee Mu-jin said, “I like soju, whiskey, and I enjoy drinking alone.” Kim Shin-young shared her experience, saying, “I used to enjoy drinking alone too. I get tipsy quickly with beer but not with hard liquor. So, I boldly quit drinking. There’s a limit to how much alcohol you can consume in life. I drank too much too soon. The limit has been reached,” expressing sadness.

Kim Shin-young praised Lee Mu-jin’s active endeavors, saying, “Lee Mu-jin is very active. He’s doing photo shoots, and many fashionistas are taking notice. He’s a rising star.” Lee Mu-jin modestly replied, “It’s not to that extent, but I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given.”

Kim Shin-young mentioned the differences between album shoots and fashion photo shoots in terms of concept, clothing, and attitude. Lee Mu-jin emphasized the importance of capturing the essence of the song in an album, while Kim Shin-young analyzed that as Lee Mu-jin writes all his songs and acts as a producer, he can approach album jackets with a lighter mindset.

Kim Shin-young then complimented Lee Mu-jin’s adaptability in fashion shoots, saying, “You’ve changed according to what the photographer wanted. Do you have any tricks?” Lee Mu-jin laughed, saying, “Not really, I’m not exceptionally good, but I think I’m less rigid than other singers. I play the role well, even if it doesn’t match my image.”

Finally, Kim Shin-young praised Lee Mu-jin as the prince of festivals, highlighting his charm in music shows and festivals. Lee Mu-jin expressed his enjoyment of festivals, mentioning different ways to make an entrance and timing it right.

‘Noon Hope Song Kim Shin-young’ airs from 12 PM to 2 PM daily on MBC FM4U (91.9MHz in the Seoul metropolitan area) and can also be listened to via the PC and smartphone application ‘mini.’

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | Screenshot of Boi-ning Radio

Source: iMBC



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