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Ang Kapasidad ni Andres Keribels Bilang Host: Maaari sa ‘Showtime’ o ‘Eat Bulaga’

The latest sensation in town, Andres Muhlach, is all set to conquer the world of entertainment as rumors swirl about his possible stint as a host on both Kapamilya and Kapuso shows, particularly “It’s Showtime.”

Just yesterday, he was formally introduced in a media conference as the newest addition to the roster of talents under Viva Artists Agency (VAA), being the son of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales.

Known as the “Prince of Hearts,” Andres expressed his gratitude and excitement for the overwhelming attention he has been receiving from fans, even before stepping foot into showbiz. “This is my first solo press conference, so I’m a bit nervous, but I’m very excited to be here. I’m really grateful to get this opportunity,” Andres shared.

Many commend the upbringing he and his twin sister, Atasha, received from their parents, attributing their well-rounded personalities to their family’s nurturing environment.

“People often compliment me on being kind, and it’s something that genuinely warms my heart.

“My parents taught me from a young age to always be kind to everyone, regardless of who they are. They instilled in me the belief that you never know what impact your kindness might have in the future, both for yourself and for others. Their advice has always been to be a source of positivity and blessing in people’s lives.

“I must say, my parents, especially, have been incredibly supportive of me and my sister Tash. They offer valuable tips and guidance, particularly in our work endeavors,” the young man shared.

Viva Entertainment’s executives Vincent, Veronique, and Val del Rosario have ambitious plans for Andres, including a sitcom titled ‘Da Pers Family,’ which would feature his parents and Atasha alongside him.

Regarding movies, Andres has expressed interest in remaking ‘Palos,’ a film originally starring his grandfather Bernard Bonnin, who is also Charlene’s father.

“The movie I’ve been contemplating is ‘Palos’ by Bernard Bonnin since he’s my grandfather,” he mentioned.

He also dreams of collaborating with the award-winning actor John Lloyd Cruz, who acted alongside his father Aga in the film ‘Dubai’ with Claudine Barretto.

One of his favorite movies featuring Aga is ‘Kailangan Kita,’ where he admits to shedding tears while watching. He’s also a fan of ‘Kailangan Kita,’ which starred Aga and Claudine.

Andres is open to various challenges in showbiz, including trying his hand at hosting. His guesting on ‘Eat Bulaga,’ where his sister Atasha also appeared, went viral.

“I’m keeping my options open, and I’m proud of Tash for her role on ‘Eat Bulaga,'” he remarked.

He also stated that he wouldn’t have any issues if he were to become a host on the rival show of ‘Eat Bulaga,’ ‘It’s Showtime.'”

“I don’t see it as a problem, honestly. Ultimately, we’re just focused on doing our job well or understanding our roles, so I don’t foresee any issues arising,” Andres remarked.



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