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Diverse Changes in Fuel Prices Forecast for March 5

This week, drivers should prepare for a variety of price changes at the gas stations.

CleanFuel, SeaOil, and Shell have all released statements outlining the fuel price modifications that will take place on Tuesday:

– Prices for diesel are expected to drop by P0.40 per liter.
– Prices for gasoline are predicted to rise by P0.50 per liter.
– Prices for kerosene are expected to decrease by P0.35 per liter.

Last week, the oil companies reduced the prices at the pump. The price of diesel was reduced by P0.70 per liter, while the price of gasoline was reduced by P0.95 per liter. During that time, kerosene costs also dropped by P1.10 per liter.

The price changes made by Shell and SeaOil will take effect at six in the morning. CleanFuel’s price adjustments will take effect at 4:01 p.m. on Tuesday. on the identical day.

A number of other oil companies have not yet revealed when they plan to raise prices.



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