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Winners Revealed: Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Swimwear Preliminaries in Boracay

Over the weekend, viewers were captivated by a breathtaking exhibition of beauty and self-assurance at a Boracay resort as the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 swimsuit preliminary competition thrilled the crowd.

The 53 official delegates looked stunning in their selection of SV Swimwear outfits as they ascended the stage, displaying a dizzying choice of maillots, monokinis, and bikinis.

The Miss Universe Philippines Organization praised the delegates on social media, writing, “Congratulations to all for an outstanding performance! The MUPh 2024 delegates lit up the unique pool catwalk of Acqua Boracay.”

The judges declared eight outstanding delegates to be Acqua Boracay Angels. According to the announcement sequence, these amazing women are:

  1. Stacey Gabriel (Cainta)
  2. Christi Lynn McGarry (Taguig)
  3. Victoria Velasquez Vincent (Bacoor)
  4. Alexie Mae Brooks (Iloilo)
  5. Tara Mae Valencia (Baguio)
  6. Ahtisa Manalo (Quezon Province)
  7. Kayla Rabaya Carter (Northern California)
  8. Deanna Mate (Cavite)

Acqua also announced Stacey Gabriel of Cainta as the first Acqua Boracay Angel and recognized her as Miss WeSportz.

In a charming turn of events, Acqua Boracay selected 12 additional delegates to serve as the first brand ambassadors of Arete Tagaytay, the renowned real estate group’s new project in Southern Manila. These remarkable ladies are, as announced in order:

  1. Kris Tiffany Janson (Cebu)
  2. Anita Rose Gomez (Zambales)
  3. Cyrille Payumo (Pampanga)
  4. Christina dela Cruz Chalk (United Kingdom)
  5. Mary Josephine Paaske (Talisay City)
  6. Kymberlee Street (Australia)
  7. Selena Antonio Reyes (Pasig)
  8. Alexandra Mae Rosales (Laguna)
  9. Eunice Deza (San Pablo City)
  10. Mary Yasol (Miami)
  11. Daniel Alcantara Villar (Cabanatuan)
  12. Rethiana Rosa (Camiguin)

The swimsuit preliminary competition has been held at the resort for three years running. Michelle Dee and Celeste Cortesi won the prized swimsuit award in prior years. The 2024 Best in Swimsuit winner, whose name will be made public next month, is eagerly anticipated.

On May 22 at 8 p.m., don’t miss the moment of crowning at the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 coronation night. in the Asia Pacific Mall Arena. Stay tuned for a truly remarkable occasion!



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