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Three Dead in Quezon Province’s Storm-Hit Area

In Quezon province, Tropical Storm Aghon brought with it severe rains that resulted in the deaths of three people—including a newborn baby—and seven injuries, according to police reports on Monday.

The Office of Civil Defense’s (OCD) Director Edgar Posadas declared that the agency is confirming accounts of the three deaths from various regions of the province.

According to the first reports, a baby boy in Pagbilao town was discovered dead close to a resettlement location. In San Antonio and Ibabang Iyam, Quezon province, the other two victims were struck by falling trees while they slept.

At least eleven communities in Mauban, Quezon experienced severe winds and heavy rainfall as a result of Tropical Storm Aghon, which made landfall in the Southern Tagalog provinces during the weekend.

There was flooding in seventeen other Lucena City locations. But by Monday afternoon, the Lucena City Risk Reduction and Management Council (LCRRMC) said that the flooding had decreased and that the impacted citizens may go back to their houses.

The PNP Maritime Group in Barangay Dalahican saved six families, totaling twenty-one people, from the rising floodwaters. They were then transported to a nearby primary school for temporary shelter.

There was flooding along a kilometer-long section of road in Laguna that prevented all kinds of vehicles from passing because low-lying regions in the villages of Dila and Mangyan in Bae were submerged.

The effects of the storm were also felt in the province of Batangas, where powerful winds tore off a business’ roof. Power outages occurred in San Juan, Batangas as a result of several electric poles falling and trees being uprooted.

Overnight heavy rainfall caused landslides in Aurora, Quezon. Because the sea level was rising, officials in the communities of Dingalan and San Luis recommended people living along the coast to relocate to safer land.

Tropical Storm Aghon’s aftermath emphasizes the necessity of improved disaster preparedness and prompt action to lessen the effects of such natural disasters. Authorities are still keeping a close eye on the situation and assisting the impacted communities as needed.



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