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Shin Ye-eun: “Ideal Type? No Alcohol or Smoking, Loves Her Own Dreams, and a Homebody with a Future”

On the 11th (Thursday), a video titled ‘My Dream was You. Kim Sana. The Historic Meeting of Baby Kang Ji and Hamzzi l EP.2 Shin Ye-eun Edition’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Daily Seven’ for ‘Sana’s Chilly Interview’.

In the released video, actress Shin Ye-eun appeared as a guest and displayed lovely chemistry with TWICE’s Sana.

In the video, Sana asked Shin Ye-eun, “I always ask this during ‘Chilly Interviews,’ but what’s your ideal type?” Shin Ye-eun replied, “My ideal type is really picky.”

When Sana asked what she meant by that, Shin Ye-eun said, “I hope they don’t drink alcohol or smoke, live a healthy and upright life without being stubborn or difficult, love their own dreams, be a ‘homebody’ with a future, and not have many girlfriends around.” This response left Sana speechless.

Shin Ye-eun, bursting into laughter, added, “That’s too realistic. And someone with good manners.” To this, Sana asked, “If the person had everything Ye-eun wishes for but your parents opposed it?” Shin Ye-eun replied, “I might hesitate. Because parents’ perspectives may differ, I would contemplate, but I don’t think I could say ‘okay, let’s break up.'”

Shin Ye-eun then said, “Anyway, because my ideal type is so picky, I need to become that kind of person first.” Sana recalled the previous guest, Miyeon from (G)I-DLE, saying, “She said she’s perfect, so she just needs to meet someone like her.”

Hearing this, Shin Ye-eun commented, “I envy her confidence so much.” Sana quickly suggested, “Should I connect you two?” Shin Ye-eun, with sparkling eyes, revealed, “I already like the combination of Sana and Miyeon,” and Sana proposed, “Really? Shall we watch together?” Shin Ye-eun eagerly agreed, saying, “Next time, invite me too,” looking forward to the meeting.

Meanwhile, actress Shin Ye-eun is currently filming the drama ‘Retirement Age.’

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | Photo from ‘Sana’s Chilly Interview’ YouTube

Source: iMBC



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