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Potential Collaboration Between DTI and TikTok to Establish Content Creator Academy in the Philippines

Together with TikTok, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is exploring the possibility of opening a content creator academy in the Philippines.

The DTI said on Thursday that on June 5 in Singapore, Trade Secretary Alfredo Pascual met with representatives from TikTok to explore this prospective collaboration.

By fostering Filipino talent and creativity, the academy hopes to improve the nation’s digital integration.

Expanding the Creative Sector

The creative economy, which includes artists, influencers, content providers, and entertainers, was valued at P1.72 trillion in March of last year, according to statistics that was made public by the Philippine Statistics Authority. With a 6.9 percent growth rate last year, this sector outpaced the 5.6 percent growth rate of the national economy.

In order to improve their chances of gaining an audience, more Filipinos are anticipated to benefit from the proposed school by learning how to produce content tailored for TikTok’s well-liked short video format. They will also be able to take advantage of live selling and product marketing through TikTok Shop, the company’s e-commerce platform.

Improvements to the TikTok Shop’s safety features were also discussed by the DTI and TikTok executives.

Support for TikTok’s Safety Enforcement Tool, a platform that allows law enforcement and certified government organizations to safely request and monitor the status of content removal requests, was voiced by the DTI.



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