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“Julia Barretto: ‘The world is healing’ in Bea Alonzo Hug Pic”

Julia Barretto recently shared her thoughts on a viral hugging video with Bea Alonzo, calling it a moment of healing. During an interview with Toni Gonzaga on her online talk show, Julia expressed that she sees the world healing through personal experiences.

Gonzaga asked Julia about the significance of the hugging photo, to which Julia responded positively, acknowledging its value without delving into specific details to maintain authenticity.

Although not directly mentioning Bea, Julia reflected on the genuine nature of the moment, hinting at its impact on resolving past issues. The viral video captured a moment of reconciliation between the two actresses, who were once under the same talent agency but are now with different management.

Julia also discussed her past relationship with Joshua Garcia, highlighting lessons learned about oversharing and possessiveness. She recognized her role in both causing and experiencing pain, emphasizing the importance of taking accountability and the healing process.

Overall, Julia’s reflections on past events and personal growth underscore a journey towards healing and understanding in her life.



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