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GCash incorporates Green Transaction Alerts to Promote Environmental Awareness

Green Transaction Alerts is the most recent addition to GCash, the leading cashless ecosystem and financial app in the Philippines. With the help of this function, users can see how many grams of carbon they avoid when doing bank transactions and digital money transfers.

With the launch of Green Transaction Alerts, GCash continues to demonstrate its dedication to sustainability and innovation. In 2019, GCash and the China Beijing Environmental Exchange worked together to measure the reduction in carbon footprint that came about as a result of the switch from manual to digital transactions. By choosing digital transactions over traditional methods that require paper, plastic, electricity, and transportation, users may reduce their carbon emissions and track their progress using Green Transaction Alerts, which employ the same calculations and metrics.

CJ Alegre, GCash’s Sustainability Head, stated that “Sustainability is ingrained in GCash’s operational ethos, and we’ve empowered our users to witness how their actions on the app contribute to environmentally conscious practices, safeguarding our planet and fostering a greener future.”

The common GForest program and other GCash in-app sustainability initiatives are enhanced with these Green Transaction Alerts. Users engage in gamification through GForest, contributing to reforestation efforts. With the help of consumers’ digital transactions, GCash has so far helped plant 2.7 million trees.

Alegre added, “We are continuously exploring avenues to enhance our sustainability efforts and empower Filipinos to take proactive steps for the environment. This marks just the beginning, as we plan to expand these alerts to cover more transactions in the near future. By merging technology with innovation and creativity, we aim to cultivate a culture where every digital transaction contributes to a positive impact on our planet.”



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