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Former OFW’s Pares Stall Across from ‘Diwata’ Attracts Crowds

Pasay City, Philippines — A pares stall in Pasay, once overlooked by many, is now drawing its own crowd despite being in the shadow of the famous “Pares Overload” by “Diwata.” The stall, “Engcanto,” is owned by Juliet Nabor, a former overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who used to work as a domestic helper in Kuwait.

In a recent episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” viewers learned about Juliet’s journey from being ignored to becoming a food sensation. Her stall is located across from the popular Pares Overload stall, known for its viral fame and long lines, selling pares for only PHP 100.

Juliet started her pares business in 2015 without a permit, which led to frequent trouble with authorities. “We used to get stopped by officials for lacking permits,” she said. Yet her perseverance paid off, and her stall gradually earned legitimacy and a growing customer base.

The popularity of Pares Overload attracted food enthusiasts to the area, turning it into a destination for those seeking unique dishes. However, while Diwata’s stall had long lines, Juliet’s stall was often overlooked. Sometimes, Juliet and her assistant would sit in front of their stall, pretending to eat, to draw attention from passersby.

But things started to change. As the queues at Diwata’s stall grew longer, people began to cross the street to Juliet’s stall, seeking a quicker option. Juliet’s pares overload, also priced at PHP 100, became a hit. Her unique preparation method, grilling pork neck instead of frying it, drew health-conscious customers who appreciated the reduced cholesterol content.

The turning point for Juliet’s business came when a food vlogger noticed her stall and featured it in a video. This exposure led to a surge in customers and solidified her stall’s reputation as a must-visit pares spot in Pasay.

With Juliet’s business now booming, the story of her stall exemplifies how determination and creativity can transform a simple idea into a thriving enterprise. To learn more about Juliet’s journey and the origins of the popular dish “pares,” catch the latest episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.”



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