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“Fiery Trot Man” Lee Soo-ho, to Release First Mini Album Today (8th)… ‘Brother of Love’

Lee Soo-ho will release his first mini album “Brother of Love” at noon on the 8th.

As this is Lee Soo-ho’s first mini album released after his debut, he expressed his ambition to receive plenty of love from everyone.

The title track “Brother of Love” contains a fresh yet bold declaration of love. It humorously and wittily expresses the determination to become a beloved brother and a brother who gives love, which is every man’s dream, through its lyrics.

Lee Soo-ho is expected to attract fans with a high-quality song filled with exceptional ambition in his first mini album. Especially, the title track “Brother of Love” includes a shuffle version called “Brother of Love 2,” adding more enjoyment to listen. In addition to that, with a total of 4 tracks including “Tears of the Train” and “Together,” listeners can experience Lee Soo-ho’s various charms through the album.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-ho’s first mini album “Brother of Love” can be enjoyed through various music streaming sites starting from noon on the 8th.

Source: IMBC



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