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Cassy Legaspi’s Mysterious Instagram Post about “Hurt People” Arcs Speculation

Social media fans were recently drawn to Cassy Legaspi’s mysterious Instagram Stories post, in which she shared a phrase from Russ’ song “Ain’t Nobody Takin My Baby,” which explores the concept of how “hurt people hurt people.”

The post, which was published on Wednesday, April 10, included a link to the song and a lyric box that said, “‘Cause hurt people hurt people, that’s a known fact.” This was accompanied by a picture of a dark figure who appeared to be comforting a girl.

Legaspi previously published Olivia Rodrigo’s “Favorite Crime,” a song that delves into issues of unrequited love and toxicity. This thought-provoking piece follows that.

The implications of Legaspi’s writings quickly sparked fan speculation, especially in light of her friendship with Darren Espanto, who had just made it clear that they were merely close friends. After some fans made the connection between Espanto’s remarks and Legaspi’s posts, rumors of their romance began to circulate.

Legaspi’s mother, actress and TV host Carmina Villarroel, also posted a mysterious quotation at the same time as her daughter’s post, which heightens the mystery. The proverb “Don’t expect the same in return” fueled more rumors.

Legaspi hasn’t responded to these rumors as of yet, leaving followers to wonder what her mysterious posts actually imply.



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