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“Third Marriage” Yoon Hae-young Kneels and Apologizes to Oh Seung-ah, “I Won’t Hurt You Again”

In the MBC daily drama ‘Third Marriage’ (planning by Jang Jae-hoon/production by MBC C&I/screenplay by Seo Hyun-joo/directed by Lee Jae-jin, Kang Tae-heum), which aired on Tuesday in September, Min Hae-il (played by Yoon Hae-young) went to find Jung Da-jung (played by Oh Seung-ah) and apologized.

On this day, Min Hae-il gained courage from Wang Yo-han’s (played by Yoon Sun-woo) words, “Pretending not to know can be more hurtful. Imagine if your mother, who abandoned you when you were young, ignores you again in front of your eyes. Wouldn’t Da-jung feel abandoned again from her perspective?”

Min Hae-il kneeled down and apologized, saying, “Da-jung, Mom was wrong. No, it’s Go-eun. I thought I shouldn’t appear in front of you, but I was short-sighted. I should have come to you and asked for forgiveness as soon as I knew the truth, but I couldn’t because I was a coward.”

When Jung Da-jung asked, “What’s the point of this now?” Min Hae-il replied, “It’s not meaningless. The misunderstandings tangled inside you are because of me. I have to apologize before I die. That way, you can move forward without being hurt again.”

In response, Jung Da-jung rebuked, “Did you think of jumping into the river as soon as you found out I was your biological daughter? How terrible must it have been for you to think that? Do you know how hard I tried not to hear such things growing up without parents? I never learned how to get angry or cry. From the age of five living in a diner to running away at thirteen and living in an orphanage, all I learned was how to endure, how to smile even when hearing harsh words. But you hit me with a stake. Yes, I grew up without parents.”

Min Hae-il then apologized tearfully, saying, “I’m sorry, Go-eun. Mom was wrong,” and Jung Da-jung, expressing her sorrow, said, “Even if I wasn’t your daughter, you shouldn’t have said such things. You should have apologized before knowing I was your daughter. Do you know how much Dad wanted to find Mom? Do you know what I felt when I went to that café?”

The drama ‘Third Marriage,’ which depicts a turbulent love and marriage story amidst a woman living a life of manipulation and another striving to uncover lies and seek retribution, aired its 116th episode on Thursday at 7:05 p.m.

[Image Source: iMBC 백아영 | Screen Capture MBC]

Source: iMBC



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