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Sung Si-kyung’s ‘Chukga’ Sold Out Simultaneously with Ticket Open… A Sold-out Success Since 2012

Singer Sung Si-kyung’s spring season brand concert ‘Chukga’ made headlines by selling out all seats simultaneously with the ticket opening.

On May 4th (Saturday), 5th (Sunday), and 6th (Monday) at Yonsei University Open-air Theater in Seoul, Sung Si-kyung’s brand representative performance ‘Chukga’ was sold out at lightning speed as soon as ticket sales opened, showcasing its unwavering ticket power.

Sung Si-kyung continues to maintain an iconic record of full-house sell-outs since the first concert in 2012 with ‘Chukga,’ proving once again this year the hit formula of ‘May is Sung Si-kyung’s Month.’

‘Chukga’ is a premium live performance where luxury balladeer Sung Si-kyung communicates with the audience through his hit songs and various stories, enjoying the warmth of May’s spring breeze.

As the renowned brand concert of the spring season, ‘Chukga’ aims to resonate with the audience in a month-earlier schedule than last year, capturing the essence of spring together.

This year’s ‘Chukga’ will feature not only well-received classics but also a diverse lineup including urban outdoor orchestra live sessions, story events, special guest stages, promising an intense interaction with the audience.

Furthermore, with a history of delivering top-notch performances with touching setlists and solid live stages, ‘Chukga’ is preparing a healing-type stage where audiences can enjoy the senses of spring, raising expectations once again.

Meanwhile, Sung Si-kyung’s spring season brand concert ‘Chukga,’ which continues to enjoy unwavering popularity with full-house sell-outs, will take place on May 4th (Saturday), 5th (Sunday), and 6th (Monday) at Yonsei University Open-air Theater in Seoul.

iMBC Baek Ah-young | Photo provided by SK Jae Won Co., Ltd.

Source: iMBC



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