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Spotlight on Similarities: A Comparative Analysis of Vice Ganda and Darry Yap’s Monologues

MANILA, Philippines — A social media user pointed out the apparent similarity between Vice Ganda’s monologue on “It’s Showtime” and Darry Yap’s “Buo.”

Lolito Go shared a video on Facebook comparing Vice and Darry’s monologues.

“Watch the side-by-side comparison of the two speeches in full. Isn’t the resemblance unmistakable? The words may be different, but the thoughts, delivery, even the heroic music are almost identical,” he commented.

There are questions raised about Vice Ganda’s recent monologue on “It’s Showtime” and its similarity to a previous one by Darryl. Some suggest it’s more than just coincidence, prompting discussions about originality and influence in comedy.

One critic, Lolito, pointed out the striking parallels between Vice and Darryl’s styles. He questioned whether this was a case of inspiration or something more concerning, like plagiarism. However, he acknowledged that similarities can arise naturally, especially between two comedians with similar backgrounds and experiences.

Lolito clarified that while he doesn’t accuse Vice or her writers of plagiarism, there’s still an ethical issue at play. Copying ideas without acknowledgment or permission may not be illegal but is considered unethical in creative circles.

He suggested that perhaps this similarity could be a collaborative effort between Vice and Darryl, considering their connections in the industry through Viva, a talent management agency and film producer.

Meanwhile, “It’s Showtime” marked another milestone with its debut on GMA, featuring a spectacular opening number that captivated viewers worldwide. Vice Ganda, along with the show’s hosts, delivered electrifying performances, showcasing the ongoing collaboration between ABS-CBN and GMA for the audience’s enjoyment.

Vice expressed gratitude to both networks for the opportunity to entertain and spread joy to the viewers. The show’s success, as evidenced by its massive viewership, highlights the power of collaboration in the entertainment industry.

Additionally, the pilot episode on GMA included special segments featuring guest stars like Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopez, and Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, adding to the excitement of the day’s programming.



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