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Sara Duterte Resigns as DepEd Secretary, Focuses on Vice Presidential Duties

MANILA, Philippines — During a news conference on Wednesday, Vice President Sara Duterte announced her resignation as Secretary of Education. She made it clear that her decision was motivated by her concern for teachers and the kids, not a show of weakness.

Not long after Malacanang issued a statement regarding her resignation, the news was announced. Duterte submitted her resignation at 2:21 p.m., according to Secretary Cheloy Garafil of the Presidential Communications Office. with effect from July 19, 2024, on June 19, 2024. She also gave up her position as the NTF Elcac’s vice chairperson.

Though she will stay on as vice president, Duterte declined to give a reason for her resignation, according to Garafil. Garafil continued, “We appreciate her service.”

From her office in Pasig City, Duterte expressed her desire for an orderly transition for the next leader of the Department of Education. She reiterated that her resignation was not due to weakness but was motivated by her deep concern for teachers and the youth of the Philippines. She promised to continue advocating for the welfare of teachers and students to build a stronger Philippines.

The Department’s personnel, including the management committee, the main and regional offices, developmental partners, and other organizations that assisted in the implementation of Duterte’s programs, were all thanked by her.

When competing for president in 2022, Sara Duterte backed unity during her campaign. Her husband was then-senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos criticized Duterte in the months before she resigned, accusing her of failing to stand up for the President when he was being attacked by members of her own family, namely former President Rodrigo Duterte. Though Duterte and Marcos both played down the event, there were rumors that Duterte may quit her position in the government.



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