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Quiboloy’s Aide Hands Over 21 Firearms to Authorities

The police received 21 guns on Saturday from an assistant to the founder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), Apollo Quiboloy.

Israelito Torreon, a KOJC official, turned over the weapons—which included two rifles, a shotgun, and eighteen handguns—to the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) 11 at the church premises in Barangay Sasa.

Torreon explained that the guns belonged to Tamayong Village head Cresente “Enteng” Canada, a well-known gun collector, in a Facebook post. Canada made the decision to give the CIDG regional office, which is supervised by Col. Bernard Pagaduan and Maj. Edgardo Bahan, custody of all of his licensed firearms for safekeeping.

“This act demonstrates that Barangay Captain Canada and the leaders of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name have no intention of using violence to achieve their lawful and Godly objectives,” Torreon said.

According to Torreon, the purpose of Canada’s decision to give up his guns was to refute claims that he was utilizing them to defend Quiboloy. In cases involving child abuse and qualified human trafficking against Quiboloy, which have been filed in Davao and Pasig cities, Canada is one of five co-accused parties.

Two CZ handgun magazines and 14.9 mm ammunition were also given out.

The head office of the Civil Security Group in Manila issued an order on April 26 canceling Quiboloy’s license, and his representatives turned over five of the 19 firearms he was authorized to carry. Since then, Quiboloy has sold his remaining fourteen weapons.



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