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Microsoft Initiative Seeks to Provide AI and Cybersecurity Training to Empower Filipino Women

Microsoft recently revealed plans to provide 100,000 women in the Philippines with cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) skills, which is a big step toward improving their employability and digital resilience.

The internet giant’s cooperation with government agencies was highlighted when US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo revealed this project on a high-profile trade visit.

These women will get thorough training in using Microsoft’s AI tools, which include those that make use of OpenAI’s large language models, through an inventive online platform. The principal aims are to promote employable skills and to proficiently recognize and alleviate cybersecurity risks.

During a press briefing, Mary Snapp, a Microsoft spokeswoman, spoke with excitement about the revolutionary potential of AI technology in advancing economic development in the Philippines. She also underlined Microsoft’s dedication to forming alliances with authorities and academic establishments in order to enable broad accessibility to the training course, with a focus on government employees.

In alignment with these efforts, Philippine Trade Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba lauded the initiative for its potential to reinforce cybersecurity measures and instill trust in technology adoption across various sectors.

Highlighting the broader societal impact, Snapp pointed out that this joint endeavor could play a pivotal role in combating disinformation—a prevalent issue in the Philippines. She stressed the importance of robust education campaigns to enhance individuals’ abilities to discern manipulated content effectively.

In addition to the AI and cybersecurity training initiative, Microsoft announced its collaboration with the Philippine Department of Education to introduce an AI-powered reading progress tool for approximately 27 million students. This move comes in response to alarming findings from a 2022 World Bank study, revealing significant literacy challenges among Filipino youth.

By empowering women with vital technological skills and revolutionizing educational tools, Microsoft’s multifaceted approach aims to foster digital inclusivity and propel the Philippines towards a more prosperous and resilient future.



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