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Marcos Administration’s Ambitious Plan: Constructing 20 New Dams by 2028

MANILA, Philippines —  In response to the nation’s increasing need for water and electricity, the government is planning to construct 20 medium-sized and three to five large dams by 2028, which coincides with the end of President Marcos’ term, as revealed by Eduardo Guillen, the head of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA).

Guillen mentioned during a sectoral briefing at Malacañang that President Marcos has expressed a preference for the development of tall, multipurpose dams across the Philippines.

“The President’s current directive is for us to prioritize the construction of tall dams as they offer a comprehensive long-term solution. With tall dams, we can address various needs such as irrigation, flood control, power generation, domestic water supply, and even aquaculture,” Guillen explained.

The NIA aims to construct dams like the Tumauini Dam in Isabela, along with dam initiatives in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, as stated by the official.

Moreover, in the Visayas region, the NIA is actively engaged in the construction of the Jalaur Dam and various projects within the Panay River Basin, including smaller to medium-sized dams.

Guillen highlighted the potential of high dams, measuring at least 100 meters in height, for tourism purposes.

He reminisced about the construction of most of the nation’s dams, which occurred approximately 50 years ago or during the tenure of the President’s father.

Regrettably, Guillen noted the lack of follow-up projects similar to those dams.

Marcos anticipates the completion of four major dams by 2028, coinciding with the conclusion of his administration.

These include the Tumauini River Multipurpose Project in Isabela, with an estimated cost of P8.6 billion; the Panay River Basin Integrated Development Project in Iloilo, valued at P19 billion and consisting of the Panay High Dam, Panay Afterbay Dam, a high line canal, and a floodway component; the P22.7 billion Ilocos Norte-Ilocos Sur-Abra Irrigation Project II; and the P9 billion Ilocos Sur Transbasin Project (Helen Flores, Bella Cariaso, Patrick Miguel, Alexis Romero).



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