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Man Using Plastic Fork Is Deadly Shot by Police in Los Angeles

Police in Los Angeles have released body-camera video from an incident in which they shot and killed a man who was clutching a plastic fork.

Authorities on Tuesday said that they were conducting an inquiry into the activities of one of the officers involved in the shooting on February 3 in a warehouse located in downtown Los Angeles to see if the use of fatal force adhered to established protocols.

Jason Lee Maccani, 36, has been recognized as the individual shot.

In the publicly available video, the man and six police officers are seen fighting in a building’s hallway. The man initially follows the police’ instructions to approach with his arms raised, but then he doesn’t stop walking and instead keeps walking while clutching what the officers thought to be a screwdriver in his clenched hands.

According to a police statement, cops tried to subdue him, but they were unable. The moment when the man approaches the cops and is fired at is captured on camera.

The Officer-Involved Shooting occurred after the suspect, according to the police statement, took a beanbag shotgun from one of the officers.

An emergency call about a “assault with a deadly weapon” in the warehouse prompted the police to be called to the scene. The caller said that the individual in question was threatening employers with a stick while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Luckily, neither the police officers nor the workers at the warehouse were hurt in the incident; Maccani was declared dead at a local hospital.



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