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Lolita Cup Basketball Tournament Season 2 Commences

The Lolita Cup Basketball Tournament Season 2 kicked off on 1st June 2024, bringing together teams from various municipalities across Leyte. The event, held at the Salugnon Gym in Jaro, Leyte, witnessed an enthusiastic crowd eager to support their local teams.

First Game: Burauen vs. Dagami

The tournament’s first game started at 3:00 PM, featuring a thrilling match between the Burauen Volcano and the Dagami Binagol. Both teams displayed exceptional skill and determination, but it was the Burauen Volcano who ultimately triumphed with a close score of 93-88. Alfred Sible from Burauen shone as the best player of the game, scoring an impressive 28 points.

Second Game: Javier vs. La Paz

Following the intense first game, the second match at 5:00 PM saw the Javier Dragons face off against the La Paz Viajedores. The Dragons dominated the game from the start, securing a decisive victory with a score of 90-47, much to the delight of their supporters. Nover Wagne Gandolfos from Javier was the standout player, contributing 22 points to his team’s victory.

Third Game: Palo vs. Tanauan

The day’s final game began at 7:00 PM, featuring the Enchanting Palo team against the Better & Brighter Tanauan. The match was highly competitive, with both teams fighting hard for the win. In the end, Better & Brighter Tanauan emerged victorious with a score of 62-55, capping off an exciting first day of the tournament. Mel Ivan Parungao from Tanauan led his team to victory with 18 points.

Looking Ahead

The opening games of the Lolita Cup Basketball Tournament Season 2 have set the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating season. With strong performances from all participating teams, fans can look forward to more thrilling matches in the coming days.The tournament continues to foster community spirit and sportsmanship, bringing together municipalities from across Leyte in a celebration of athletic excellence. Stay tuned for more updates and game highlights as the season progresses.



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