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JoshLia Reunion? Fans Speculate Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia Comeback

Rumors are swirling on social media about a potential reunion between Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, once known as the popular love team “JoshLia.” Fans are speculating about a comeback after a teaser post from ABS-CBN hinted at an upcoming project featuring the two stars.

The teaser, posted on ABS-CBN’s social media platforms, featured the silhouette of a man and a woman with a caption reading, “The comeback is unreal!” The date mentioned for this mysterious event is April 24, 2024, which has led many fans to believe that this could mark the return of the beloved on-screen duo. Observant fans quickly noted that the silhouettes bore a striking resemblance to Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, leading to widespread speculation.

Reports about a reunion project for JoshLia have been circulating since last year, with reports indicating that the pair could be working on a new movie together. The project is said to be directed by Cathy Garcia-Sampana, an award-winning director, and will be produced by Star Cinema. While there have been no official confirmations, the possibility of a JoshLia comeback has excited fans and rekindled nostalgia for the popular love team.

The last time Julia and Joshua appeared together on screen was in the 2020 zombie thriller “Block Z.” Following the film’s release, they also collaborated on the music video for “Paubaya,” a project that seemed to signify closure after their real-life romantic relationship ended. Their on-screen chemistry had blossomed into a real-life romance, but they announced their breakup in 2019, leading to the disbandment of the JoshLia love team.

With the upcoming teaser release date drawing near, fans are eager to see if Julia and Joshua will indeed be reuniting for a new project. The speculation has generated a wave of excitement among their loyal followers, who are hopeful that this marks the beginning of a new chapter for JoshLia. Will the beloved love team reunite on screen after four years? Fans will have to wait until April 24, 2024, to find out.



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