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Groundbreaking AI-Powered E-Bike Prioritizes Rider Safety and Connectivity

The influence of artificial intelligence on daily life extends to various domains, with transportation being a notable example. As evidenced by companies like Amazon experimenting with AI-driven autonomous drones for efficient deliveries, it comes as no surprise that conventional bicycles are now receiving AI enhancements.

Orbic, a startup based in New York, has unveiled the world’s first 5G-enabled, AI-powered e-bike. Its standout feature is the AI object avoidance system, alerting riders to potential hazards such as approaching vehicles. The Orbic 5G eBike takes it a step further with 5G integration, offering users real-time maps and a platform to connect with fellow e-bike enthusiasts.

The key highlight of the Orbic electric bicycle is its AI hazard avoidance system, which utilizes a sensor providing a 140° field of view at the bike’s rear. The company states that it delivers instantaneous audio and visual alerts, enhancing rider awareness and safety through AI. Multiple cameras, including a 2MP rear camera for collision avoidance and object detection, a 64MP camera for capturing and livestreaming trips, and an 8MP camera for video calls, contribute to improved safety and an enriched rider experience.

The AI bicycle features a 7-inch all-weather touchscreen display presenting essential data such as battery status, speed, distance, maps, tracking, and other features. CEO Mike Narula emphasizes, “By integrating 5G connectivity and AI technology, we aim to redefine the riding experience, making it safer, more connected, and more environmentally responsible.”

The 5G-ready Orbic eBike ensures seamless online features and can function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, extending internet connectivity anywhere. Operating like other e-bikes, it enables riders to travel up to 45 kph and can be charged like any other electric vehicle, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Narula envisions the 5G e-Bike as a significant advancement in electronic mobility, set to make a global impact. Orbic’s Senior Vice President, Hugo Hernandez, indicates plans to commence shipping the AI eBike by the end of the second quarter of 2024. Pricing details are still under exploration, varying per market and telecom partner.



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