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DPWH Completes Lanadio Flood Control Structure in Palawan

In response to the pressing need for resilient infrastructure to combat flood events, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Palawan 2nd District Engineering Office has successfully concluded the construction of the Lanadio Flood Control Structure in Brgy. Barong-Baring, Brooke’s Point, Palawan.

Engineered to withstand the challenges posed by flooding, the project marks a significant milestone in the region’s efforts to enhance disaster resilience and protect vulnerable communities.

According to a report submitted by Palawan 2nd District Engineer Noel L. Fuentebella to DPWH MIMAROPA Regional Director Gerald A. Pacanan, CESO III, the structure features a 200mm thick concrete slope protection (Revetment) with Gabions. This innovative design integrates a durable and effective erosion control system, aimed at fortifying the Lanadio Flood Control Structure against the erosive forces of nature.

The combination of concrete revetment and gabion reinforcement forms a robust barrier, not only thwarting soil erosion but also bolstering the structural integrity of the flood control system. Such measures ensure the long-term efficacy of the infrastructure in mitigating the adverse impacts of flooding in the region.

The primary objective of the Lanadio Flood Control Structure is to provide comprehensive protection to the surrounding community and alleviate the socio-economic repercussions of flooding. By safeguarding lives, properties, and livelihoods, the project contributes to the safety, security, and well-being of residents in the area.

Moreover, the establishment of resilient infrastructure aligns with broader objectives of promoting sustainable development and fostering resilience to climate-related hazards. By investing in flood mitigation measures, authorities aim to create a conducive environment for growth, development, and prosperity in Palawan.

The completion of the Lanadio Flood Control Structure underscores the commitment of DPWH Palawan 2nd DEO to addressing the evolving challenges of climate change and ensuring the resilience of infrastructure assets. Moving forward, stakeholders remain steadfast in their dedication to enhancing disaster preparedness and safeguarding the welfare of communities across Palawan.



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