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Day 13 Dominance: Dulag, Dagami, and Palo Shine in Lolita Cup S2

PALO GYMNASIUM, Palo Leyte – June 22, 2024 (SAT)

Day 13 of the Lolita CUP SEASON 2 Basketball tournament delivered high-octane action and impressive performances at the Palo Gymnasium. With three exciting matchups, fans were treated to spectacular displays of skill and teamwork.

Game 1: DULAG vs TABONTABON (2:00 PM)

Dulag Karatong was unstoppable as they unleashed their might against Boom na Boom Tabontabon, leaving the court with a commanding 54-point lead, 129-75.

Khyfir Dumaguit led the charge for Dulag Karatong, scoring 22 points and demonstrating incredible resolve and skill.

Game 2: TUNGA vs DAGAMI (4:00 PM)

Dagami Binagol claimed their second victory of the tournament with an impressive offensive display against the Tunga Rapids, finishing the game with a 20-point gap, 99-79.

Jeathro Estorico was the standout player for Dagami Binagol, dropping 27 points and playing a crucial role in their victory over Tunga.

Game 3: PALO vs TOLOSA (6:00 PM)

The Enchanting Palo Generals successfully defended their home court against Meco Tolosa, securing their second win of the tournament with a final score of 103-65.

Arnulfo Castillon was the key player for the Enchanting Palo Generals, scoring 21 points and leading his team to a decisive victory over Tolosa.

As the tournament progresses, the excitement continues to build. Don’t miss out on the action—join us for Day 14 of the Lolita Cup Season 2 Basketball tournament and witness more thrilling games and standout performances. See you!



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