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Dahua Technology released their high-end cameras for the Philippines Security

Dahua Technology upgraded their technology in the Philippines with their US made Dahua NVR and Hitech Cameras.

With the introduction of its cutting-edge security cameras, Dahua Technology has taken a major step towards strengthening security measures in the Philippines and ushered in a new era of sophisticated surveillance technology.

The well-known worldwide pioneer in video surveillance solutions has introduced a line of premium cameras made to satisfy the Philippines’ changing security requirements. Dahua’s most recent product, which is dedicated to innovation and dependability, promises to raise the nation’s security infrastructure requirements.

These state-of-the-art cameras have sophisticated features like improved low-light performance, intelligent analytics, and high-resolution imagery. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology enhances the ability of these cameras to instantly and intelligently identify and address security risks.

This change is being made at a critical juncture when having strong security systems is essential. Like many other countries, the Philippines has a variety of security issues. Dahua’s technologically advanced cameras are designed to offer practical solutions for protecting both public and private areas.

Dahua’s support for the Philippines goes beyond just selling gear. To help local security personnel fully utilize these advanced surveillance technologies, the company plans to provide extensive support services, such as technical assistance and training programs.

The launch of Dahua’s premium cameras fits in with the larger worldwide trend of adopting networked and intelligent security systems. With Dahua’s technology, the Philippines’ towns and businesses can strengthen their security infrastructure and work toward a safer, more secure environment.

Dahua expressed excitement in an official statement about helping to improve security in the Philippines. The business stressed how committed it is to offering cutting-edge solutions that not only satisfy but also beyond the demands of the regional security sector.

The availability of these state-of-the-art cameras in the Philippines heralds a revolution in security technology. With the use of Dahua’s cutting-edge surveillance technologies, the country’s security paradigm is about to change, bringing in a period of increased protection and alertness.

These are the list of their new products for the Philippines:

Artificial Intel NVR 32 Channel – Face, Heat

Code: AINV32CR003255

US$ 1,600 – 1,700

Php 91,000 – 95,000

Dahua’s Lite Series Network Video Recorders (NVRs) deliver superior performance and high-quality recording for network video surveillance needs. Ideal for scenarios where identification clarity is paramount, this professional NVR boasts a powerful processor capable of supporting up to 4K resolution. It also offers features such as a user-friendly mouse shortcut menu, remote management capabilities, centralized storage, edge storage, and backup storage options.

This NVR is designed to be both cost-effective and straightforward to set up, making it a perfect complement to any security setup. It is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of third-party devices, offering an optimal solution for security systems, whether they utilize a Video Management System (VMS) or not. Thanks to its open architecture, the NVR supports multi-user access and is compatible with ONVIF S, T, and G protocols. This ensures smooth interoperability with 4K cameras, enhancing system integration

16 Channel Network Video Recorder with Heat 

Code: CHN16VRH002540

US$ 661.25 – 714.87

Php 37,000 – 40,000

  • H.265 auto switch; Smart H.265+/Smart H.264+/H.265/H.264/MJPEG
  • Maximum inbound bandwidth of 320 Mbps
  • Up to 24MP playback and live viewing resolution
  • Fisheye dewarping in one channel (AI via NVR)
  • Perimeter security, face detection and identification, SMD Plus, video metadata, ANPR, people counting, stereo analysis, crowd dispersion, and heat mapping are all examples of AI by camera.

4MP, 1/3″ CMOS image sensor, low illuminance,  high image definition & trip wire with motion analytical AI 


System Overview: The Dahua Lite AI series network uses an advanced deep learning algorithm. Camera is capable of certain sophisticated capabilities, including perimeter

defense and astute motion detection. It uses the starlight solution, which improves the image quality in low light.

Functions Smart (H.265+ & H.264+): Implementing a sophisticated auto-stream control mechanism in accordance with the Dahua smart encoding technology recognizes the increased efficiency compared to (H.265 & H.264), delivering excellent video quality and cutting storage and transmission costs.

Wide dynamic range (WDR): Advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology is used by Dahua. You can see distinct details in a highly contrasted, bright surroundings.

In conditions of extreme brightness and backlighting, bright areas and dark

area that has a lot of light sources, you can also obtain clear pictures.

Starlight: Dahua Starlight technology mainly applies to the environment of low illumination, and it can provide clear colorful video. Even in the environment of min. illumination, the technology can guarantee the good image effect.

US$ 71 – 125

Php 4,000 – 7,000

8MP IR Vari-focal Dome Network Camera Face 


US$ 161 – 214

Php 9,000 – 12,000

The Dahua 8MP Starlight+ ePoE camera performs intricate real-time face capture, people counting, and perimeter security tasks. It provides Analytics+ capabilities at the edge. Compared to normal intelligent features, the accuracy and reliability of Dahua Analytics+ algorithms are greatly improved. The camera’s IP67 and IK10 ratings make it suited for even the most demanding settings, and its Starlight+, True Wide Dynamic Range, and Smart IR technologies enable it to function in any lighting situation.

Devices from the WizMind Series include Dahua Analytics+ features for thorough, user-focused analytical solutions. Products from the WizMind Series are perfect for demanding applications requiring sophisticated analytical capabilities.

1/2.8″ 4 Megapixel CMOS 360PTZ


US$ 768 – 822

Php 43,000 – 46,000

With a 1/2.8-in CMOS imager and a 25x optical zoom lens, the 4 MP PTZ Dome camera offers an all-in-one solution for long-distance outdoor video monitoring. The Smart H.265+ video compression standard is used by the camera to increase encoding efficiency without sacrificing high-quality video. For use in situations where there is glare or direct sunshine, the PTZ camera has True WDR in addition to fast and precise pan, tilt, and zoom control.

A feature of Dahua’s Analytics+ technology called Smart Motion Detection increases alarm accuracy and lowers the quantity of false alerts. The sophisticated SMD algorithm scans a scene for motion from people or vehicles, removing motion from objects like trees, leaves, animals, and the weather, and sounds an alert when it detects motion.

4 Fast & Slow Vehicle MP AI Enforcement Camera > 4 MP CMOS sensor.


US$ 2,020 – 2,091

Php 113,000 – 117,000

> 1/1.8″ 4 MP starlight CMOS sensor.

> H.265 and H.264 dual codec.

> Maximum resolution: 2688 × 1520@25 fps.

> Built-in 10 mm–50 mm motorized vari-focal lens.

> The maximum illumination distance is 30 m.

> IP67 rated.

4 MP IR Bullet Network Camera

CODE: BNC4MP34520042

Smart Motion Detection is a feature of the Dahua 4MP Starlight camera that enhances the accuracy of intrusion alarms and tripwire operations. Because of its starlight, true wide dynamic range, and infrared illumination, the camera is perfect for a wide range of applications. It can function in any type of lighting. The camera is an IP67-rated member of the Dahua ArcticPro line, which enables it to produce dependable, high-quality video even in the most challenging settings.

US$ 89 – 161

Php 5,000 – 9,000

4MP IR Full Color Network Camera

CODE: FCNC4MP3781100

  • 4MP, 1/3′′ CMOS sensor, low light, sharp image quality
  • Maximum 4MP (2560 × 1440) at 25/30 frames per second. accommodates 4MP
  • (20 frames per second) × 1520
  • High compression rate, ultra-low bit rate, and H.265 codec
  • Warm lights integrated into the max. lighting range: forty meters
  • ROI, flexible coding, SMART H.264+/H.265+, suitable for a range of
  • settings for storage and bandwidth
  • Rotation mode, digital watermarking, WDR, 3D DNR, HLC, and BLC
  • suitable for a range of surveillance scenarios
  • Tripwire and intrusion detection with intelligence
  • Detection of abnormalities: motion, video manipulation, and scenario
  • SD card error, empty, full, or changing, and network
  • voltage detection, IP conflict, disconnecting, and unauthorized access
  • Audio: 1 in, 1 out; supports max; alarm: 2 in, 2 out. Micro 256 GB SD card
  • 12V DC power output maximum; 12V DC power supply with PoE. 165mA at present

US$ 71 – 143

Php 4,000 – 8,000

10-Port Unmanaged Desktop Switch with 8 Port


  • Support two 10/100M uplink ports and eight 10/100M PoE power supply ports.
  •  Adhere to the 802.3af and 802.3at protocols.
  • Temperature range for operation: -10 to +55
  • Support PoE transmission across a 250 m long distance

US$ 71 – 161

Php 4,000 – 9,000 

CCTV Network Curve Keyboard


US$ 357 – 447

Php 20,000 – 25,000

  • Manage Network Video Servers, DVRs, and High Speed Dome
  • Three-dimensional PTZ Function Joystick Control
  • Auto Scan, Auto Pan, Auto Tour, Preset Position, and Pattern Control
  • Auxiliary Function Support
  • The menu on the screen
  • Allows for SmartPSS (via USB connection) 

Interface: 10/100/1000BASE-T port x 24

CODE: I10BTP24X00164

US$ 1,197 – 1,287

Php 67,000 – 72,000

A form of managed switch with layer 3 that uses the leading Broadcom 10G switching chip in the market is called DH-PFS6428-24T. The switch has an attached has a wealth of function features and sophisticated hardware processing capabilities. With its four SFP+ ports, the product may meet network requirements.

A prerequisite for the rapid development of 10G. The 392G back panel design structure of the DH-PFS6428-24T allows it to perform numerous operations, such route,

ARP binding, spanning tree, port mirroring, port isolation, VLAN, ACL, DHCP snooping, multicast, link aggregation, etc. 

6TB CCTV Video Recording – IR and Identification


All of CCTV Camera Pros’ standalone DVRs, NVRs, and PC-based DVRs are compatible with this 6TB security DVR hard disk.

US$ 298 – 1,791

Php 16,700 – 100,200



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