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Creamline Stays Focused on Present Challenges Amidst a Legacy of Success

In the realm of victorious sports legacies, Creamline stands out for its rich history of triumphs. However, the Cool Smashers consciously choose not to dwell on past glories and instead channel their energy towards dominating the present.

Coach Sherwin Meneses encapsulates this mindset, emphasizing a fresh start as they embarked on the Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference. “We are 0-0 here,” he declared in Filipino at the commencement of the season, urging his team to take it one point at a time.

Even after a demanding season opener against Farm Fresh, Meneses remained grounded, stressing, “We are not at 14-0, 15-0. We are 1-0 now.” As of Thursday, their record has progressed to 2-0 after a hard-fought victory against Akari.

Tots Carlos, who played a pivotal role in securing the win with a career-high 31 points, echoes the team’s philosophy. “I’m the type [of person] who thinks ‘when it’s done, it’s done,’ especially during a game,” she expressed in Filipino. “We just really have to do and try to control what’s in front of us, what we’re gonna do next.”

This mindset has propelled the Cool Smashers to a formidable position, instilling a sense of apprehension in opponents whenever they face Creamline on the court. What intensifies this feeling is the team’s unwavering commitment to defending their title.

Meneses acknowledges the challenges ahead, stating, “We need to be working to defend the title this conference.” He emphasizes the absence of easy wins, recognizing that rival teams have strengthened their lineups.

Facing difficulty in the opening set of the season against Farm Fresh, Creamline demonstrated resilience, eventually overcoming their opponents. Tots Carlos reflects on the team’s approach, emphasizing the importance of knowing the right actions based on the situation.

As the defending champions, Creamline remains prepared for any circumstance on the court. Carlos, with a remarkable 55-percent efficiency rate, exemplifies the team’s dedication to success, embodying the philosophy of focusing on the present and continuously striving for excellence.



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