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Controversy Unveiled: Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards’ Sweet Moments Stir AlDub Fanbase

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards, collectively known as “KathDen,” recently sparked excitement among fans during the actress’s surprise birthday dinner. However, this interaction didn’t sit well with certain die-hard “AlDub” fans who remain focused on Alden Richards’ previous on-screen partnership with Maine Mendoza, known as “Yaya Dub.”

The term “AlDub” is a combination of Alden’s name and Mendoza’s nickname from their popular kalyeserye segment on the noontime show “Eat Bulaga” back in 2015. Their on-screen chemistry was so remarkable that it led to the formation of a fan club. Some members of this fan club strongly believed that Alden and Maine’s on-screen romance was genuine.

Richards and Bernardo recently captured attention with a notable event. During a dinner party, the actor presented his “Hello, Love, Goodbye” co-star with a bouquet of red roses alongside a gift from a prestigious French luxury crystal brand. Photos and videos shared by attendees and mutual friends showcased the co-star’s surprise at the thoughtful gesture.

This occurrence sparked reactions from “AlDub” fans on social media. Some expressed disappointment towards the Kapuso actor, with a few going as far as accusing Bernardo of “lacking self-respect.”

“Naku, my friend, take a moment to think. If you value yourself, don’t get involved with someone who’s already married and has children. You can find someone else without any complications, so you won’t be dragged into drama,” commented @SUNSHIN83626629, apparently addressing the baseless gossip about Richards and Mendoza having a secret family together.

Many fans of AlDub are still holding out hope for a reunion between Richards and Mendoza, while others express indifference toward Richards’ friendship with Bernardo.

Mendoza, now happily married to actor-politician Arjo Atayde, has also dismissed these rumors multiple times, clarifying that there was never any marriage or love child between her and Richards. In a January 2024 interview, Richards admitted to feeling exhausted from constantly refuting these rumors.

In addition, Richards shared that he had a heartfelt conversation with Mendoza before her marriage to Atayde in July 2023, during which he disclosed “everything” but chose not to divulge the specifics of their discussion.



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