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CHR’s New Online Portal Enhances Human Rights Complaint Process

MANILA, Philippines — A new online platform that allows the public to digitally file complaints and follow the progress of their cases was unveiled by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Monday. Central monitoring of human rights abuses is also made possible by this approach for the CHR.

Access to human rights services is supposed to be facilitated by the Management Information System Monitoring Outlet (MISMO), particularly in light of the small number of CHR offices around the country.

When MISMO was first unveiled in May, CHR Executive Director Jacqueline de Guia emphasized that the online resource is meant to help those who live far away from the closest CHR regional office who may be experiencing human rights breaches.

De Guia emphasized that the “cost, time, and resources required” to file grievances in person might be substantial impediments, making it difficult for some to make complaints. There are only 16 CHR regional offices nationwide.

“The CHR recognized these challenges and developed the MISMO platform to enhance promptness, accessibility, and efficiency in service delivery, particularly for remote areas and individuals unable to visit physical CHR offices,” the rights organization stated in a press release.

By supplying the required data for case evaluation, victims of human rights breaches can more readily file complaints online through MISMO. The relevant CHR office receives complaints and reviews them before taking appropriate action. Real-time case status and progress updates are also displayed on the portal.

The MISMO portal provides additional services beyond the ability to file complaints, such as requests for technical support, interviews, data and statistics, and accreditation for cooperation with civil society organizations.

Lawyer and co-founder of Project Gunita Josiah Quising recommended the portal, which helps the CHR by offering a consolidated management information system.

“This initiative aligns with the Quality Management System and Anti-Red Tape Authority guidelines, aiming to ensure the effectiveness and responsiveness of public services,” claimed the CHR.

“The rights body added that the portal caters to the vulnerable, marginalized, and disadvantaged sectors of society” and takes a “client-centric approach.”



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