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Updated Investigation Procedures to Prevent Malicious Cases, Says Marcos

MANILA, Philippines — Law enforcement and prosecution would significantly improve as a result of the recently amended regulations on criminal investigation procedures, according to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

He believes that these modifications will prevent the filing of malicious or ineffective lawsuits and enable the pursuit of solid, winnable cases.

At the signing of the 2024 Department of Justice – National Prosecution Service (DOJ-NPS) Rules on Preliminary Investigation and Inquest Proceedings on Wednesday in Malacañang, Marcos expressed his excitement.

He made clear that the goal of the new guidelines is to reduce the backlog of cases that the courts are experiencing as a result of pursuing weak cases.

“The 2024 DOJ-NPS rules are transformative, as they institutionalize the executive and inquisitorial nature of preliminary investigation, aligning them with historical and legal precedents that reinforce the DOJ’s authority,” he said.

“These new rules ensure proper and sufficient case build-up prior to filing in court, empowering prosecutors to lead criminal investigations,” he said.

“A new era of law enforcement and prosecution is upon us. Going forward, each case we take on, each choice we make, and each change we support will have an effect on every Filipino’s life and help to determine our nation’s destiny,” he continued.

Marcos stressed that demanding a greater caliber of proof will shield people from “frivolous suits” and guarantee that prosecutors present compelling cases.

“With a reasonable certainty of conviction, the new rules elevate the standard of evidence from probable cause to prima facie evidence,” stated the president.

“This will minimize the number of pointless lawsuits and nefarious prosecutions that clog our courts by ensuring that only strong cases are tried,” he said.



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