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The New iPad from Apple Shows the Path to AI Integration

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — Apple recently made waves when it revealed a new line of iPad tablets with a powerful AI chip, indicating that the tech giant is prepared to introduce artificial intelligence throughout its entire ecosystem of devices.

According to remarks from the company, the newest iPad Pro model has the state-of-the-art M4 chip, a powerhouse that outperforms the chips found in Apple laptops today and is ready to take on AI-intensive activities with ease.

After a two-year break, the iPad Pro and the lightweight iPad Air make their debut with this announcement, capping Apple’s longest stretch without updates since the tablet’s inception in 2010.

“The iPad Pro is now the most powerful device in its category overall thanks to this new chip,” said Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies, Johny Srouji.

Excitement is growing for Apple’s June 10 Worldwide Developers Conference, where a number of significant announcements related to AI may highlight the M4 chip.

As analysts forecast, Apple plans to use the M4 chip’s capabilities to improve a variety of devices, including laptops and iPhones, despite criticism for what is seen as its perceived glacial pace in the AI space.

CEO Tim Cook said, “We view generative AI as a significant opportunity across our product line,” in response to the most recent financial report from Apple.



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