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The ElleRaffe’s “The Ancient Prodigal” Receives Critical Acclaim

The ElleRaffe’s production of “The Ancient Prodigal” has been met with critical and audience praise for its exploration of faith, redemption, and the complexities of good and evil. Playwright and director Manu Respall’s work delves into a profound encounter between Jesus Christ and Lucifer. The production was made possible with generous support from sponsors ArtePintura and iCanada Future Solutions Inc.

[Manila, Philippines] – April 8, 2024 – The ElleRaffe’s recent production of “The Ancient Prodigal” has captivated audiences and garnered widespread critical acclaim.  Exploring themes of faith, redemption, and the internal conflicts of good and evil, this one-act play delivered a thought-provoking narrative and powerful performances.        

Sponsors Key to the Production’s Success

The ElleRaffe extends heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors:

Artepintura Gallery: Their beautiful venue provided the perfect setting for this intimate and powerful play. Their mission as an art haven for music, painting, crafts, and Filipino culture enthusiasts aligns beautifully with our artistic vision.

iCanada Future Solutions Inc.: Their generous co-production support was integral to bringing this important work to the stage. Their commitment to connecting with broad audiences reflects the play’s exploration of universal themes of education and religion.

Exploring Complex Themes

Written and directed by the brilliant Manu Respall, “The Ancient Prodigal” delves into profound questions about faith, identity, and the human condition. Set in an unspecified time and place, the play depicts a compelling encounter between a risen Jesus Christ and a disillusioned Lucifer. Their conversation exposes Lucifer’s vulnerabilities and frustrations while revealing Jesus’ unwavering grace and compassion. Jesus forgives Lucifer, calling him the “Ancient Prodigal Son.”

Powerful Performances

Theater veteran Jamie Wilson delivered a critically acclaimed performance as Jesus Christ. Reviewers noted, “Wilson completely commanded the stage…in a voice so calming, compassionate, and authoritative, just as we would expect from the Son of God.”  This portrayal has been hailed as one of the year’s best stage performances.

Zach Pracale‘s debut as Lucifer was a stunning revelation. Matching Wilson’s intensity, he flawlessly delivered complex dialogue with an otherworldly cadence befitting his character’s unique perspective. The subtle yet powerful imagery of his severed wings was an unforgettable touch.

The ElleRaffe and iCanada Future Solutions Inc.

“The Ancient Prodigal” underscores the power of theater to explore complex themes relevant to a diverse audience. This aligns with iCanada Future Solutions’ desire to connect deeply with its audience. As a company, iCanada FSI values open dialogue and the exploration of diverse perspectives, including those concerning education and religion.

The play fosters:

Empathy and understanding: Exploring personal struggles, dreams, family dynamics, and beliefs, the play allows us to step into the shoes of Alagang iCanada individuals, promoting a deeper connection with their experiences.

Reflects Real-Life Complexities: The subjective, personal themes explored in the play resonate with the wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives found within iCanada’s diverse audience.

Opens Important Conversations: By addressing topics like education and religion, the play encourages important dialogue and reflection on issues that shape our lives.

Connects with Our Inner ‘Prodigal’: The play’s themes of redemption and self-discovery resonate with everyone, reminding us of our potential for understanding and acceptance, even when we feel lost.

Highlights from the Reviews

“[…] the play is profoundly personal, aiming to connect with the prodigal within each of us – that hidden aspect of ourselves we often keep concealed from others.”

“Jamie Wilson… As early as now, I am already considering this as one of the best acting performances in a one-act play this year.”

“The big surprise was model Zach Pracale… truly amazing achievement for this theater neophyte…”

“This play is purposefully thought-provoking and faith-challenging…” – Fred Hawson, “Fred Said” blog.

The Awakened Soul

The play’s original theme song, “The Awakened Soul,” written, composed, and beautifully sung by Andrea Martin (arranged by Kevin Pangilinan and Johnson Jaducana) underscores the central message of finding one’s way back to grace.

Special Thanks

We extend special thanks to Toots Tolentino for supporting our show and to the press for their thoughtful reviews.  Your support for original Filipino concepts means the world to us.

Stay Tuned!

The ElleRaffe is excited to announce its upcoming play, scheduled for late June, featuring the song by Wilfredo Manganop. Stay tuned for more details!



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