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Showing Han So-min’s Surprising Charms in ‘Mistrot3’… Participating in Euro Dance Music Concert ‘Once Again’

Singer Han So-min passed the first round death match of TV Chosun’s ‘Mistrot3’ with the song ‘Fell in Love’ by Choi Jin-hee, melting the master’s heart and securing a spot. She received comments comparing her to 80s singers Lee Ji-yeon and Ha Su-bin, showcasing her own color with her innocent voice.

Now, Han So-min is taking on a new challenge. On March 30th (Saturday) at 6 p.m., she will participate in the Euro Dance Music concert ‘Once Again’ held at Sky Art Hall in Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

‘Once Again,’ planned by Tovcom Entertainment, is a music-centered concert featuring songs commonly heard in 80s discotheques, go-go places, roller rinks, and more. It will showcase trendy dances based on disco dance styles from that time, along with glamorous and passionate performances involving around 20 dancers.

Han So-min stated, “The timing is perfect. In fact, I was quite distant from dance, but preparing for the recent Mistrot3 team mission led me to learn and enjoy dancing. If it weren’t for this process, I wouldn’t have even thought about participating in the ‘Once Again’ concert. I have a good feeling about it. I will show another side of Han So-min with surprising charms.”

Detailed information about the ‘Once Again’ concert can be found on the website, and tickets can be booked through Interpark Ticket starting from January 17th (Wednesday) with a 20% early booking discount.

Tovcom, the organizer of the ‘Once Again’ concert, has successfully carried out numerous music events such as Ganghwa Hip-hop & EDM Festival, Incheon Hip-hop Festival, Gangnam Star Flower Festival, Goyang Peace Art Festival, and Suwon Summer Music Stadium.

About Tovcom:

Tovcom is an entertainment company established in 1998, specializing in singer music planning, album production, concerts, and other performance businesses. Apart from the mentioned groups and artists, they also manage over 10 teams including Berry4 Kids Group, Choochoo Kids Group, traditional rock band ‘Ghost Wind,’ electronic rock band ‘Artrock Ensemble,’ popera singer ‘Now,’ popera bass-baritone ‘Kang Maru,’ and electronic string team.

Media Contact: Tovcom, Lee Jong-seok, 02-413-2440

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