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President Marcos Approves Renaming of Roads and Bridge Across the Philippines

President Marcos has recently endorsed several laws that involve the renaming of circumferential and bypass roads, a bridge, and a national highway located in various regions of the Philippines.

The President Carlos P. Garcia Circumferential Road replaces the Bohol Island Circumferential Road as per Republic Act 11987, one of the laws. Furthermore, the Urdaneta City Bypass Road will henceforth be referred to as Ambassador Eduardo “Danding” M per RA 11988. Cojuangco Jr. Avenue.

Furthermore, RA 11989 designates Mariano Lluch Badelles Sr. as the new name of the Tambacan Bridge in Iligan City. Speaker Arnulfo “Noli” Fuentebella roadway is the name of the national roadway in Camarines Sur, while RA 11990 names the Bridge.

President Marcos signed these new laws on March 21. They will go into effect 15 days after they are published in a widely read newspaper or the Official Gazette.

RA 11986, which creates a new barangay in Barobo town, Surigao del Sur; RA 11991, which reorganizes the district engineering offices in Cebu; and RA 11992, which establishes a district engineering office in the Second District of Southern Leyte, were also approved by President Marcos in addition to these modifications.

Additionally, each district engineering office is required to serve the cities and municipalities within its corresponding legislative district as a result of the passing of RA 11991, which supersedes RA 9043 and 9218. The Southern Leyte Second District Engineering Office, established by RA 11992, serves a number of communities, including Anahawan, Hinunangan, Hinundayan, Libagon, Liloan, Pintuyan, St. Bernard, San Francisco, San Juan, San Ricardo, Silago, and Sogod. It is located in the Second District of Southern Leyte.



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