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Luka Doncic: The Consensus Maverick Choice for NBA’s Top Player

MIAMI— On Wednesday night, the Dallas Mavericks sent a clear message: “Pravi MVP,” which translates to Real MVP. Given that it was from the Mavericks, it wasn’t hard to decipher the meaning behind the message on the T-shirts worn by players, coaches, and staff before their game against the Miami Heat.

Expressing his bias, Mavericks coach Jason Kidd boldly stated that he believes Luka Doncic deserves to be the NBA’s MVP this season. He also gave a straightforward response as to why the 25-year-old Slovenian star isn’t currently seen as the frontrunner for the award.

“Kidd, who was a runner-up in the 2001-02 MVP race to Tim Duncan, criticized the simplicity and ease with which the game seems to come to certain players. He noted that it’s common to overlook the extraordinary talent of some of the game’s greats.

Doncic is poised to be a top contender for the MVP award this year, with many, if not all, of the 100 voters expected to include him in their selections. While Nikola Jokic of Denver is favored to win the award for the third time in four years, Doncic’s time is undoubtedly on the horizon, according to his Dallas teammate Kyrie Irving.

Irving praised Doncic’s mastery of various aspects of the game and his continuous exploration of his skills. He emphasized Doncic’s focus on winning above all else, making him a standout player with a bright future.”

Doncic is poised to clinch his inaugural scoring title as the regular NBA season concludes this Sunday, barring any unlikely statistical turn of events. With just two games remaining, Doncic boasts impressive averages of 33.9 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 9.8 assists. This trifecta of statistics is unprecedented in NBA history, marking a remarkable achievement for the young star. Additionally, Doncic led his team to 50 wins and clinched the Southwest Division title.

P.J. Washington of the Mavericks praised Doncic as the “real MVP,” noting that Doncic’s resume surpasses that of any other player this season. Doncic is virtually guaranteed a spot on the first-team All-NBA for the fifth time in his six seasons with Dallas. Moreover, his 284 3-pointers this season rank second in the league, trailing only Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Despite being just 25 years old, Doncic’s style of play is unparalleled, earning accolades from Mavericks coach Kidd who remarked, “He’s only 25, but he’s playing the game like no one else.”



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