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Immigration Confirms Quiboloy Still in the Philippines

According to records from the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the founder of the Davao-based church Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name (KOJC), has remained in the country for the past seven months, contrary to earlier reports suggesting he had left in anticipation of subpoenas from the Senate and the House of Representatives.

BI’s data indicates that Quiboloy, 73, has not departed the Philippines since July 2023, despite previous claims of his presence in China, as reported by online news platform Pulitiko, citing unnamed sources.

Former newsman and vlogger Bertini “Toto” Causing highlighted a report from Pulitiko, stating that Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri delayed signing the subpoena requested by Sen. Ma. Theresia “Risa” Hontiveros. Allegedly, this delay was intended to afford Quiboloy some flexibility in the matter. The subpoena aimed to compel Quiboloy to participate in a Senate inquiry concerning alleged abuses within his religious group.

Zubiri eventually signed the subpoena on February 19, prompted by Hontiveros’ public disclosure of the Senate President’s delayed response to her 10-day letter requesting the issuance of the subpoena against Quiboloy. Zubiri clarified that his delay was unintentional and attributed it to the overwhelming workload related to pressing issues between the Senate and the House, as well as pending administrative tasks.

Meanwhile, a separate subpoena from the House of Representatives has also been issued, requiring Quiboloy’s attendance at the March 12 hearing of the House Legislative Franchise Committee.



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