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IDX Channel Exclusive Interview with the CEO of RevComm, a Startup Providing Analytical AI Telephone System for Sales Performance

Takeshi Aida, Founder and CEO of RevComm, conducted an exclusive interview with IDX Channel discussing the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance productivity and boost sales in business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly advancing technology. RevComm, the sole Asian company listed in Forbes’ Top AI 50 2023, optimizing AI for improved business productivity and sales with their innovative product MiiTel—an AI-driven conversation analysis tool designed for telephone, online meetings, and face-to-face communications. During the exclusive interview with IDX Channel on February 15, 2023, Takeshi Aida elaborated on how MiiTel, as an AI-based technology, can benefit businesses.

Can you explain just a little bit about the business of RevComm and what kind of product that had been produced by the company?

RevComm is a B2B SaaS company. We are providing voice analysis AI tool called MiiTel. We are the only Asian AI startup selected in the Top AI 50 by Forbes and Sequoia, alongside ChatGPT OpenAI, Mid Journey, Cohere, and others.

MiiTel is a voice analysis AI tool, it analyzes what and how to talk between reps and customers or boss and employees, whoever it is, internal communication, external communication. We optimize conversation to increase productivity and we have approximately more than 60,000 customers globally based in Japan, Indonesia, US, and Philippines.

What kind of business is being a loyal customer of MiiTel itself?

We can contribute to any business, any layer, like executive layer, supervisor layer, management or player, any layer, any industry. But it is well suited for business that involve frequent verbal communication via telephone, web conference, and face-to-face interactions. Specifically, it is particularly compatible with sales and call center operations, where it directly impacts sales and customer satisfaction. For example, industries like real estate, insurance, finance, banking, they communicate a lot of verbal communication via phone, web meeting, and face-to-face. So we can contribute to increase the sales conversion rate, NPS, customer satisfaction rate, employee satisfaction rate, these kinds of you know KPIs. 

So one of the interesting features about MiiTel is transcript the conversation between the call center officer and then the customer, so it is making the job of the supervisor easier because they’re going to read it about the words that had been said by the call center to the customer. So how has the market received the presence of MiiTel so far?

We have more than 60,000 customers globally in just five years. So I think it tells you that the market is receiving very well and we have been able to contribute to increase their sales and decrease the cost. More specifically, if you only transcribe, and then what? So what, right? You have to summarize it and then automatically input it into the CRM or any system, and then the person in charge doesn’t have to input the result of the call so that you can increase productivity. So transcription itself is not valuable. If you can, summarize it and automatically input it into the CRM, and then you can decrease the after-core work and then increase the productivity. And the person who got shared, you know, you can eliminate the bias information to hedge compliance risk.

How can the products produced by RevComm impact users’ business development? 

We build our system from scratch by ourselves. We have approximately 300 employees worldwide, and out of 300, 120 are engineers. And based on the customer’s voice, we continuously update our system to meet the customer’s needs. For example, not only what to speak, but also how to speak really affects the result of the call or sales, right? Like, you know, talk-list ratio, number of silences, interruptions, speech rate. These kinds of factors really affect the result of the sales. So based on the customer’s voice, we update these functions to increase the customer’s economic value.

How is the cooperation system between you, RevComm, and the clients? Is it contract-based? and the range of the fee service for the client if they want to use MiiTel as the apps for their business.

So it’s a subscription basis. This is a SaaS, cloud SaaS. And the price is only Rp 400,000. It’s super cheap, considering the economic value. 

So we commit in the short term, we commit the profit and loss impact by increasing sales and reducing cost. In the mid and long term, what we are doing intrinsically is that it realizes balance sheet impact by transforming voice data into actionable data as valuable assets.

How is the guarantee of the security of that client’s data that processes for your services?

We comply with ISMS and GDPR, we cryptomize a whole data and store the data locally. So it complies fully with enterprise security standards.

What are the long-term targets of RevComm or MiiTel  in the future?

Our mission is to reinvent communication to build a society where people think about others. So by increasing productivity, we’d like to build a society where people think about others to increase the true communication.

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