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Exploring the Future at CIX Summit 2024, The First and Largest Immersive Technology Conference and Exhibition in Indonesia

CIX Summit 2024 aims to position Indonesia as a technological frontrunner by offering cutting-edge exhibitions, inspiring keynotes, and networking opportunities, transcending traditional conferences to explore groundbreaking developments in technology.

Jakarta, March 20, 2024 – The
Connecting Immersive Experience (CIX) Summit 2024, the First and Largest
Immersive Technology Conference and Exhibition in Indonesia, is set to push the
boundaries of immersive technology. As a pioneer in technology exploration, CIX
Summit 2024 aims to inspire innovation and usher in a new era of immersive
experiences. Taking place at the Jakarta Convention Center from August 22 to
24, 2024, CIX Summit 2024 will offer immersive experiences exploring the

According to NextMSC,
the global artificial intelligence (AI) market is projected to reach USD 196.63
billion by 2024, up from USD 142.32 billion in 2022. Meanwhile, Precedence
forecasts the AI market to grow to USD 1.85 trillion by 2030.

The Indonesian government
estimates that the country’s digital economy potential will reach USD 146
billion by 2025, becoming the largest in Southeast Asia, driven in part by the
rise of immersive technology propelled by several key factors. First, government
initiatives such as the “Indonesia Digital 2025” program demonstrate
strong support for technology development given its potential for economic

Additionally, there is a surge in
consumer demand for immersive experiences, particularly in the gaming,
entertainment, and education sectors, driven by the increasing accessibility of
VR and AR devices. Second, Indonesia has robust technology infrastructure,
including high internet penetration and widespread smartphone usage, providing
a solid foundation for the advancement of immersive technology. These solid
factors propel Indonesia’s immersive technology market forward.

Projections from IDC indicate a
significant growth trajectory, with a projected average annual growth rate
(CAGR) of 30.4% from 2020 to 2025. This growth is supported by increasing
demand for immersive experiences, broader content availability, and robust
technology infrastructure in Indonesia.

“We are excited to explore
the forefront of technology and provide a platform for industry leaders,
innovators, and enthusiasts to converge. Our mission is to showcase the latest
advancements in AI technology, immersive technology, digital transformation,
and usher in a new era of immersive experiences,” said Rudi Hidayat,
Founder & CEO of V2 Indonesia.

Furthermore, Rudi Hidayat
emphasized that CIX Summit aims to propel Indonesia to the forefront of
technology innovation. With the ambitious goal of making Indonesia the fourth
best country in the world by 2030, CIX Summit will gather a host of speakers and
industry figures to drive Indonesia’s market thinking.

“With CIX Summit 2024, we
present a captivating stage for industry players, innovators, and technology
enthusiasts to explore the boundless potential of immersive technology. We are
committed to being a catalyst for change in delivering captivating immersive
experiences,” said Ridhi Mahendra, Chief of CIX Summit 2024.

In an era where new technologies
are reshaping the global landscape, CIX Summit goes beyond traditional
conferences, offering an extraordinary opportunity to delve into revolutionary
developments shaping the future of technology.

What to Expect:

● Cutting-edge
Exhibition: Explore the most advanced XR, AR, and VR technology exhibitions,
presented by leading companies and pioneering startups.

● Inspirational
Keynotes: Gain insights from thought leaders and visionaries shaping the
immersive technology landscape.

● Networking
Opportunities: Connect with professionals, investors, and individuals who share
a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology innovation.

● New Business:
Discover the next big thing in artificial intelligence, immersive technology
like XR, and digital transformation as new startups propose their revolutionary
ideas and products.

● Global Impact: Explore the
global impact of immersive technology through discussions and presentations
from experts across various industries.

Event Format:

● Technology
Conference: Engage in thought-provoking discussions and gain actionable
insights from leading speakers, industry pioneers, and thought leaders shaping
the future of technology.

● Technology
Exhibition: Step into the future with our technology exhibition – an
interactive showcase of the most cutting-edge products, solutions, and
breakthrough technologies.

● Business Networking: Expand
your professional network by connecting with like-minded peers, potential
collaborators, and experts in the field.

The list of
confirmed speakers as of March 18:

• Triari
Senawirawan (MD Warner Music)

• Radityo
Triatmojo (CEO ShopeePay)

• Andi S.
Boediman (Ideosource Entertainment)

• Harry K.
Nugraha (CD Intel Indonesia)

• AWS has
confirmed to bring a high-level speaker from the United States (name to be

• Dharma
Simorangkir (CEO Microsoft Indonesia)

• William Utomo
(Founder & COO IDN Media)

• Nugroho (CEO Telkomsel)

“Transform your customer
experiences with the power of digital innovation at CIX Summit. Discover the
latest trends in AI, immersive technology, and more, all in one place,” said
Iwan Setiawan, Advisor of CIX Summit 2024.

CIX Summit 2024 is not just a
conference and exhibition, but a gateway to the future of immersive technology.
Join us at the First and Largest Immersive Technology Conference and Exhibition
in Indonesia, uncover revolutionary innovations, connect invaluable
connections, and shape the landscape of tomorrow’s technology. Don’t miss your
chance to be part of history at CIX Summit 2024.



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