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Eom Hyunkyung Becomes a Mother, Returns with Fiery Revenge Drama… MBC’s ‘Fearless Miss Yong

“Eom Hyunkyung Becomes a Mother, Returns with Fiery Revenge Drama… MBC’s ‘Fearless Miss Yong'”

MBC’s new daily drama “Fearless Miss Yong” (planned by Jang Jaehoon / written by Choi Yeongeol / directed by Lee Minsu, Kim Misuk / produced by MBC C&I), which will premiere on May 6th at 7:05 PM, tells the story of Yong Sujung (played by Eom Hyunkyung), an unrestrained woman who dreams of becoming a modern-day giant entrepreneur, and the villainous schemer Yeoui Joo (played by Seo Junyoung) who entrusts her with destiny, creating a lively and exhilarating revenge romance.

With powerful actors such as Eom Hyunkyung (as Yong Sujung), Seo Junyoung (as Yeoui Joo), Im Jueun (as Choi Hyera), and Kwon Hwaun (as Ju Woojin) promising a solid synergy of performances, anticipation is high. Especially, the main poster, featuring Eom Hyunkyung’s striking transformation into the character of Yong Sujung, exudes a vibrant energy from the script reading session.

In the unveiled poster, Eom Hyunkyung, who plays the 10-year veteran talk show host Yong Sujung, radiates intense charisma. Wearing a rider jacket and atop a bike, Eom Hyunkyung captivates with her confident gaze.

Above all, the caption “The protagonist of a tragic love story? Not my style!” fully captures the essence of Yong Sujung’s character. Fans are eagerly anticipating Eom Hyunkyung’s performance as she transforms into a straightforward and honest woman with a strong personality, representing the spirit of a fearless entrepreneur.

The production team of “Fearless Miss Yong” stated, “Yong Sujung lives by the motto ‘If life hands you sour grapes, become a wine seller and sell it all.’ She faces challenges head-on with her strong will,” expressing confidence in the synergy between Yong Sujung’s character and Eom Hyunkyung’s portrayal.

Thus, “Fearless Miss Yong” promises an unforgettable journey with Yong Sujung’s fearless pursuit, depicted through Eom Hyunkyung’s energetic expressions in the main poster. Viewers can expect her ambitious strides toward success in a new life story that turns life into a grand business venture, set to capture viewers’ dopamine every week.

MBC’s new daily drama “Fearless Miss Yong” will premiere on May 6th at 7:05 PM.

iMBC Baek Seunghoon | Photo provided by MBC

Source: iMBC



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