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Dulag Karatong’s Dominance and Palo’s First Win Highlight Day 7 of Lolita Cup S2

Day 7 of the Lolita Cup Season 2 Basketball tournament brought fans two thrilling matches at the San Miguel Gymnasium. Both games showcased the skill and determination of the participating teams, leaving spectators eagerly awaiting the next round.

The first game of the day saw the Dulag Karatong demonstrating their steady defense and strategic gameplay, securing their second win of the tournament against the La Paz Viajedores. The game ended with a decisive score of 79-39 in favor of Dulag.

Benz Devaras of Dulag Karatong was a standout player, contributing 17 points and playing a crucial role in his team’s victory over La Paz.

In the evening matchup, the Enchanting Palo achieved their first victory of the season. With a strong offensive play, they made an impressive comeback against the Knights of San Miguel, finishing with a score of 93-59.

Ryan Christian Bactad of Enchanting Palo delivered an outstanding performance, scoring 19 points and leading his team to triumph over One Great San Miguel.

As the Lolita Cup Season 2 Basketball tournament progresses, fans can look forward to the upcoming games on Friday, June 14, 2024, at Capoocan, Leyte. The Julita Hulatan Hoopers will face off against Dagami Binagol in the first game, followed by a matchup between Uswag Capoocan and the Santa Fe Rice Guardians. Stay tuned for further updates and highlights from this exhilarating tournament.



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