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Addressing Rumors: Ivana Alawi Clarifies Relationship Status

Social media buzzed with speculation over the weekend as Ivana Alawi, the popular YouTube sensation turned TV star, responded to rumors linking her romantically to Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez. Denying any romantic involvement, Alawi took to Facebook to set the record straight, expressing her commitment to family values and respect.

In her post, Alawi addressed the false accusations and hurtful words thrown at her family, emphasizing that this would be the first and last time she speaks on the matter. She clarified that she is not Mayor Benitez’s girlfriend, recounting their meeting during her work in Bacolod and highlighting that he is not the only politician she has befriended. To dispel any doubts, she revealed that she is currently dating a respectable businessman who brings her happiness.

Mayor Benitez responded 24 hours later, issuing his denial on social media. He acknowledged the circulating video but clarified that it was a chance encounter during a business trip to Tokyo, as stated in his official travel order. Expressing regret for the undue involvement of Alawi and her family, he set the record straight and apologized for any hurt caused by the rumors.

Ivana Alawi, known for her success on YouTube with over 17 million followers, is also making waves as an actress in the hit TV series “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.” On the other hand, Mayor Benitez, a former congressman, now serves as Bacolod City Mayor, bringing his extensive background in business, particularly in leisure and gaming, to the political landscape.



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