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Victoria Beckham Launches a Fashion-Forward and Colorful Watch Line with Breitling

In a recent phone conversation about her new partnership with Breitling, the esteemed Swiss watchmaker, Victoria Beckham shared some intriguing insights, particularly one that piqued my curiosity: her preference for wearing her watch face up, as opposed to displaying the buckle. It’s an interesting distinction, suggesting a divide in personal style—though its deeper meaning remains elusive. Beckham, like myself, prefers to keep the watch face visible, emphasizing the traditional aspect of watch-wearing over the modern convenience of checking time on a smartphone. She values the ritual of donning a watch as a final touch before stepping out, a testament to her meticulous approach to fashion. This attention to detail is evident in her choice of attire, such as the striking combination of a khaki parka and Balenciaga’s innovative boot-leggings hybrid for her recent trip to New York.

Given her sophisticated Chronomat Automatic 36 Victoria Beckham Collection for Breitling, limited to merely 1,500 units and available in both stainless steel and yellow gold, it should have been obvious she preferred designs that stand out. The watch faces, presented in a palette of dark mint green, midnight blue, dove gray, and parchment-like beige, draw inspiration from her Spring 2024 line. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to conceal such unique hues, especially since they mark a first in Breitling’s 140-year history. Additionally, each watch face subtly features her initials and a note of its edition size—stating “One of 400” for stainless steel models and “One of 100” for those in gold.

Naturally, there are additional inquiries: What about its heaviness? (Personally, I prefer a watch that has enough presence to be felt, yet isn’t so burdensome that it makes lifting a coffee cup—or even pulling a suitcase from an airport baggage carousel—a challenge.) Beckham aimed for a balance in weight, desiring the watch to hang on the wrist akin to a bracelet, secured just enough to allow a subtle slide towards the hand. “I appreciate a watch that exudes strength and simplicity, avoiding any unnecessary complexity,” she explains. “There’s a certain robust, masculine edge to our collaboration, mirroring the androgynous vibe of my fashion lines. The goal is for the watch to complement one’s style effortlessly and unobtrusively.”

She eagerly mentions that this was her inaugural venture into watch design, collaborating closely with the skilled craftsmen from Breitling’s workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds who traveled to London to assist her. “Before this partnership, I lacked the expertise needed for watch design,” Beckham admits, “but the experience has been incredibly educational. Breitling is renowned for their pioneering craftsmanship in watchmaking.” Although this was her first foray into design, her passion for watches dates back years, sparked when her husband David gifted her a vintage watch upon receiving her OBE from Queen Elizabeth II in 2017. (She holds this watch as dear as her wedding ring.) Since then, her collection has grown, each piece not only fully operational but also greatly cherished.



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