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The Biggest Forum of ITS Asia-Pacific Will be Held in Indonesia

Indonesia will host the 19th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum in 2024, focusing on sustainable urban mobility. The event aims to draw 10,000 global participants and will include activities like ministerial round tables and exhibitions. ITS Asia-Pacific Secretary General, Mr. Akio Yamamoto, supports Indonesia’s potential leadership in the region, addressing transportation challenges.

Indonesia was appointed as the host of The 19th ITS
Asia-Pacific Forum 2024. It will be the biggest forum of ITS Asia-Pacific. “It
has been long awaited since 1996, so we will prepare for this event
carefully,” said the President of ITS Indonesia, Mr. William P. Sabandar.
theme for this upcoming
forum is
‘Transformation Towards a Sustainable and Intelligent Urban Mobility’ is
targeted to receive 10,000 participants from various countries, including
America and Europe.

Transport System (ITS) is a non-profit organisation set up jointly between
industry, academia, government agencies, and communities in order to encourage
development initiatives and the use of intelligent transport systems in order
to provide a safe and convenient transportation ecosystem. The 19th
ITS Asia Pacific Forum, will be held on May 28–30, 2024, in the Jakarta
Convention Centre (JCC).
The upcoming forum will discuss various issues related
to transportation, such as air pollution, traffic jams, safety, and city

General of ITS Asia-Pacific and President of ITS Japan, Mr. Akio Yamamoto,
expressed his impressions to Jakarta in front of the media. “It always feels
energetic every time I come to Jakarta. There are so many young people here
that make me excited,” he said to the media. Mr. Yamamoto is also giving his
impressions for
the venue that has been chosen by
ITS Indonesia crew and staff for The 19th
ITS Asia-Pacific Forum. He hopes that there will be many participants who
attend and participated
in the forum. However, he revealed he was anxious about
the forum that will be implemented in Indonesia. “But, after I came here
(Jakarta) and I met so many great people handling this project, I believe it
would go well.” Said Mr. Yamamoto. He added that by seeing ITS Indonesia’s
presentation, he could conclude that ITS Indonesia already understood about the issues that would be
discuss in the forum later.

In the upcoming forum of ITS Asia-Pacific in Jakarta,
Mr. William P. Sabandar revealed there will be several interesting activities
that participants could participate in: the ministerial round table, reading
the commitment letter to support sustainable and intelligent transport (Jakarta
Declaration), special interest session with the academy, policymakers, and
students about the newest and hot topic regarding transportation, an exhibition,
product demonstration, and also technical tour of the evolution of transportation
in Jakarta.

The General Secretary of ITS Asia-Pacific, Mr.
Yamamoto, showed his support for Indonesia in holding the biggest ITS forum in
Asia-Pacific. “Indonesia is the only Southeast Asian country that has the
opportunity to host the ITS Asia-Pacific forum; if this forum is well
organised, there will be an opportunity for Indonesia to become the Leader of
ITS in the Southeast Asia Region,” he said. Mr. Yamamoto said, ITS will
contribute to creating a sustainable transportation system and providing
solutions to traffic jams. Apart from that, he also hopes that there will be
the development of transportation with carbon neutrality and disaster relief,
especially in Indonesia.

In the context of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) development, ITS
will be used as the development mode for Indonesia’s new capital city,
Nusantara (IKN). ITS Asia-Pacific hopes that the future plan of Indonesia’s new
capital city will include transportation planning and this topic certainly
added to the forum of the 19th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum in Jakarta
Convention Center (JCC) to get discussion.

Mr. Akio Yamamoto (President of ITS Japan & Secretary General of ITS

Mr. Akio Yamamoto & William P. Sabandar (President of ITS Indonesia

ITS Indonesia and Representative of ITS Asia-Pacific took a picture with

Representative of ITS Asia-Pacific and ITS Indonesia

From left to right:

Vice President International Affair of ITS Indonesia (Dr. Ir.
Resdiansyah, ST., MT., IPM)

Senior Vice President International Affair of ITS Japan (Takehiko

President of ITS
Japan & Secretary General of ITS Asia-Pacific (Akio Yamamoto)

President of ITS
Indonesia (William P. Sabandar)

Congress Manager
of ITS Japan (Ms. Ikuko Okada)

Secretary General
of ITS Indonesia (Yoga Adiwinarto)



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