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New Kalibrr Feature: Hybrid Jobs

After the pandemic ended, the world slowly transitioned back to how it used to be. Restrictions were lifted and people may now comfortably walk outdoors. However, the times we spent inside our homes made us aware of the possibilities that can be done, especially for work. Remote work setups became a thing for almost all companies. Industries were introduced to new ways of navigating their operations through digitized tools. Employees found more work-life balance while working from home.

This trend stuck with us, creating the world of “new normal.” While we now have the privilege of working in office, we also appreciate the benefits of working from home. In the PhilCare Wellness Index, it was found that 48.7% of Filipinos prefer working in a hybrid setup compared to fully remote or fully on-site. Companies also started offering more job roles with hybrid work setup.

With this, Kalibrr is thrilled to announce the launch of the innovative and highly anticipated feature: Hybrid Jobs! This new feature is designed to enhance the job posting and job searching experience for both recruiters and jobseekers.

Recruiters can now tag jobs as Hybrid Jobs! When creating their job postings, they can specify if the role allows for a combination of remote and on-site work setup. This flexibility helps attract a wider pool of candidates who are looking for hybrid work opportunities.

Jobseekers can also filter their job searches to find roles with hybrid work setup! This new filter option on the Kalibrr Job Board makes it easier for candidates to find roles that offer the flexibility that they need.

This also improves their job hunting experience! In just a few clicks in their Kalibrr profile, the platform provides the candidate with many job openings with hybrid work setup. Not just this, but they may also browse through different industries and employment levels to see which one is the perfect match for them. 

At Kalibrr, our main goal is to connect the right talent with the right opportunities. With this new feature, we are making a huge step forward to making sure that both candidates and companies are satisfied in using our platform. 

Together, let’s make your job-hunting and talent-seeking experience worthwhile!



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