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Kim Chiu’s Sweet Revelation Paulo Avelino Dubbed as a ‘Cutie’

MANILA, Philippines — Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu affectionately referred to her onscreen partner Paulo Avelino as an adorable presence during an interview with ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe. The conversation took place after the watch party for their Viu series titled “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.”

“I was already feeling the excitement from the very beginning, especially during the opening scene, and then he just nailed it during gap 3,” Kim shared.

“He’s definitely my cutie,” she added.

Paulo reciprocated with, “You’re cute too.”

“There are two aspects to it. Sometimes, it flows naturally, and other times, it’s the result of our efforts,” he elaborated.

When asked about the possibility of faking romantic scenes, Paulo commented, “I believe it’s possible. Ultimately, we’re actors.”

MJ then inquired, “Did you and Kim fake any of those ‘kilig’ moments?”

The conversation captured the camaraderie and professional dynamics between Kim and Paulo as they discussed their onscreen chemistry and the art of portraying romantic scenes convincingly.

Paulo responded, “With Kim and me, no, we did not.”

Kim expressed her fascination with Paulo’s mysterious demeanor, noting his consistent quietness.

“He’s just really quiet on the side. He doesn’t speak much. I just prefer not to talk to him because I don’t like conversing with someone who doesn’t talk. Besides, I wasn’t that talkative before,” she remarked.

“I’ve seen different sides of him, so I’ve seen Paulo being happy, angry, extremely dedicated and serious, Paulo being corny but funny. He’s shown so many types of himself. So, he’s different. He’s very dedicated and very self-aware,” she elaborated.



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