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IN PHOTOS: Climate Protest on 50th G7 Summit

Philippine climate activists hold a protest near the U.S. Embassy Manila on June 11, 2024 to call on the leaders of the Group of 7 (G7) to pay up and deliver climate finance to developing countries in anticipation of the 50th G7 Summit on June 13. The march was conducted as part of a series of protests across South and Southeast Asia and led by the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD), whose campaigners have been calling for climate finance that will enable developing countries to address climate change.

“The climate crisis is escalating, and people in the Global South are suffering from its increasingly devastating impacts,” says APMDD coordinator Lidy Nacpil. 

In a press release, APMDD said “extreme heat in South and Southeast Asia has forced school closures, strained power grids, disrupted food production, and caused deaths due to heat stroke. In the Philippines, the Department of Agriculture disclosed that this year’s El Niño has cost 9.5 billion pesos in losses, devastating over 175,000 farmers and fisherfolk.” 

“The unprecedented heat in most of Southeast and South Asia, and the floods in southern Brazil, remind us that developing countries are hit the hardest despite contributing the least to the climate crisis.”

Photos courtesy of Mata: Asia Press Photo



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