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Hermès’ Alleged Birkin Bag Sales Refusal Sparks Lawsuit

Hermès Accused of Exclusive Birkin Handbag Gatekeeping in California, Now Confronted With Class-Action Lawsuit

Fashion enthusiasts eager to acquire an exclusive Birkin handbag are taking legal action against Hermès in California. Their grievance stems from Hermès’ practice of requiring customers to purchase other high-end products before allowing them access to the coveted handbag.

The lawsuit, filed as a class-action suit, contends that potential buyers must spend substantial amounts on items like scarves, shoes, and belts before being considered for the opportunity to purchase one of the world’s most desired purses.

Tina Cavalleri, one of the plaintiffs, recounts her experience inquiring about purchasing a Birkin handbag from Hermès in 2022. According to the lawsuit, she was informed that specialty bags were reserved for “clients who have been consistent in supporting our business.”

A legal case filed as a class-action lawsuit contends that potential customers are required to invest substantial amounts of money on scarves, shoes, and belts in order to be eligible for purchasing one of the most coveted purses globally.

Mark Glinoga, a co-plaintiff in the case, attempted to purchase a Birkin bag in the previous year. However, he was advised by the sales representatives of the defendant’s company to consider purchasing Ancillary Products as a means to increase his chances of acquiring the coveted Birkin Handbag.

The Birkin bag, a highly sought-after handmade leather accessory inspired by the iconic Franco-British actress Jane Birkin, has become a symbol of opulence and rarity. Its price tag varies widely, ranging from $10,000 to well over $1 million.

Adored by celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Victoria Beckham, these bags are not openly displayed or available for online purchase.

According to a lawsuit, most customers won’t have the chance to see a Birkin handbag at Hermès retail stores. Usually, only those considered worthy of buying a Birkin handbag are given a glimpse in a private room.

The selected customer may then have the chance to purchase the exact Birkin handbag they were shown, but there’s no option to order a bag according to specific style, size, color, leather, or hardware preferences.

The legal case, which is open for additional participants, claims that this approach violates antitrust regulations by artificially raising the actual cost of a product.

The legal action, which is pursuing unspecified compensation, asserts that sales representatives do not earn commissions on Birkin bags but receive a three percent commission on other Hermès merchandise.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants direct sales associates to leverage Birkin handbags to pressure customers into buying additional items.

By employing this strategy, the lawsuit argues that the defendants are violating antitrust laws as they are artificially increasing the perceived cost of the product.



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